an easy LDing technique

when you are about to wake up, when a normal or lucid dream ends try to get up/stand up suddenly from your bed. this will result in your dream body to get up into a false awakening. this is because just after waking up physical body will be more or less in paralysis. if not, body will be somewhat heavy and difficult to move. but when you try to stand up suddenly, your dream body will move and creates a false awakening.
a few more tips to make this method work.

  1. quite useful after the end of a lucid dream. when you black out try to stand up suddenly. or imagine your dream body geting up without trying to move.
  2. before sleeping at night make a resolve to wake up at a certain time. this will increase your awareness and creates more lucid dreams.
  3. try to wake up every few hours and remember dreams and atempt WILD.
  4. meditation and lucid living i.e maintaining awareness during the day without daydreaming are the keys to lucid dreaming. this will also result in longer lucid dreams.

very interesting. Have you done this before? and whe you try and get up, does it like suck you into a false awakening?

yeah, i did this many times. it does not feel like getting sucked into a FA. it feels as if you really woke up. the room and surroundings will seem very real. so, make sure to do a reality check. otherwise, you will believe that you really woke up.

I doubt that this will work for me. I can be dreaming 1 second and standing next to my bed the next second. During the end of a dream I’m often already moving my psychical body (resulting in sleepwalking). I wouldn’t even know SP existed if I hadn’t read about it from others.

just keep doing reality checks when you wake up from the bed. i think that should be enough to remove the confusion

I know what your talking about, my second LD was actually a chain-LD, but i only count it as one for a single night. I had a false-awakening that looked and felt completely utterly real, and actually had gotten dressed before i realized i was still dreaming. I need to get back into lucid living,
I will definitely try this method of FA’s in the very near future.

Im glad I found this topic today, this actually happened to me for the first time this morning. I was starting to wake up in my bed, and I immediatedly started trying to recall my dreams. Im interrupted when I hear my Dad and Sister talking about a compost mound catching fire. I get up and go upstairs, but I dont realize that its just a FA. When I get upstairs, my dad directs me to the window and when I look out I see a huge plume of fire in the distance. The dream ends rather shortly and I eventually wake up in my bed.

When I actually did wake up and go upstairs, I questioned my sister if she had talked to my dad recently about a burning compost mound, and sure enough she had recently been talking to him about it because the nearby dump had caught fire. Like I said, this was the first time ive had a FA like this so I was excited.