An easy WILD technique: visualizing colours

Title changed. Was: Lucid Dreaming can be easy. I find it was not explicit at all if you want to find it again.

I recently stumbled across one of the very first articles I’ve read about lucid dreaming. I had already been doing reality checks and using a dream journal, which I think helped me remember more and increased my chances of doing a RC in a dream.

However, when I tried this specific technique, you could have called my experience afterwards an OBE if I described it… while I was only aiming for lucid dreaming, I was in a reality that was, “more real” than this one we live in. That’s the best way I can put it in words. I was then forever convinced that visualization exercises are very powerful, and this one definitely works.

I make this thread out to the people who have been trying for too long… everyone is not the same, but when I started doing this technique, I was about a week into learning how to LD, and 2 days of trying it, on the second day it happened.

I’m thinking of practicing this every night again, because it got me lucid in about a week’s time when I was fresh to the subject.


Link no longer valid, technique is explained at top of page 2 :tardis:

Hmmm… visualizing colors? This is the first time I’ve heard about this…
I think I’m gonna try it tonight :content:

I’ll try it out.

I’ll try anything, I need a LD badly.
After months, I still haven’t got anything.

very interesting. Seems like a sound technique, perhaps I’ll try it soon.

I’ll give a post on whether or not I believe it works, but unlike a lot of techniques out there (not on this site or dream views) this sounds like it could work.

It seems like an interesting technique to me, and I’ll give it a try, although I’ve already had plenty of luck with lucid dreaming in the first place. In fact, back when I was doing well with it, I had also managed to convince my SC that lucid dreaming was easy. :yes: I suppose it works differently from person to person, but I’ll give this method a shot just to see if it produces any effects for me.

Yeah, I’m gonna give it a try too. I wish it was THAT easy - visualising some colours! :cool:

I have a question, do you have to visualize the colors in your mind’s eye - like just thinking of a rose, or really seeing the color red before you? You can see all colors in your closed eyelid too, I’m not sure what I should do.

Yes, you have to see it.

my question, with WBTB or not?

I might try it tonight, seeing as how it’s a weekend and all.

I don’t know, either.
I’m gonna try without WBTB.

Doesn’t it sound more lika a “colour” technique then a sound? :tongue:

Anyway, I’ll try this technique, seems to be basic enough to actually work!
This exercise is included in a yoga nidra-CD I often listen to (“See a red rose, an orange, a yellow tulip, etc.”).

That still doesn’t really answer my questions. If I think of a rose, or something red else, I see it too, but it’s a difference if I do that or use my closed eyelid to see it with my real eye.

I never physically “saw” anything. I would just imagine a red car for example, from an angle until I “felt” like “ok, I processed that one, visualized it, felt it”. This technique is really like an exercise for your mind. Somehow visualizing colors and light triggers something.

You can be creative, like imagining… a green naked fairy chick! or a big purple marijuana plant… or a yellow orange, an orange banana…

I never “saw it” with my eyes, but just imagining things and cycling through colors definitely can trigger an experience that can change one’s life, at least it did for me. Took a few days to practice it though.

Yes ^^ this is a very effective technique ^^ I use this to go into Alpha state :smile: As I’ve said in another post my mother taught me this years ago, as she has learned it from her psychology class in college. It’s definately worth the effort :content:

my dad has some internet blocker up and when i went there because it was categorized as “illegal” and “news”, :-P. i guess there’s a law against LD’s.

Lol, totse is a very controversial website. Here I’ll just paste it for you.

Visualization Excercises.

As you close your eyes, and make yourself confortable, I want you to visualize colors…

The Spectrum, in fact.


This process is an excellent relaxation technique, and brings you closer
to your subconscious mind while in the waking state.

First Color = Red… Think of the color red… Actually see this color in
your mind’s eye. It can be a red spot… or a red porche, a red rose…
Anything red… You simply have to make sure that the color red has been seen
and experienced.

Second Color = Orange… Do the same as with the first… See the color orange in your mind’s eye.

Do this same process for all of the colors upon falling asleep…

You dont need to do this every night. Once a week is fine… However…
You might find that its an extremely relaxing state that the excercise puts
you in… So, you might wanna do it more often.

This excercise puts you in a relaxed, alpha state… as well as stimulates
your inner eye for detail during dreaming.

Many times, you will find that you fall asleep before you even reach
Violet… this is good… because you will most likely find youself in a dream
of the last colored object that you were imagining.


Hmmm. I guess I’ll try this one. Visualizing colors… seems interesting.

I tried it yesterday, I always fell into that state of blackout while doing it, then I woke up and thought “shit, I have to visualize colors”.

Hey, I’ll try this tonight :happy:
Who knows, it might work :content:

Yes, that’s what I did. Last night. It helped me to relax my body, eventually it fell asleep. But I wasn’t in a very comfortable position and my ear hurt. I also heard weird sounds coming from a distance. I wasn’t scared. Then I had this “click” and felt like my stomach had been pulled in from inside for a second or two. Now THAT was weird. I knew then that my body had fallen asleep. I waited for some more, but eventually got bored, cause nothing happened. I was supposed to be entering my dream. :neutral: