An experience I really want to share with you...

I don’t know whether this should be in the ‘journal’ section or not, but I just wanted to share this with you guys - it’s a real success story.

So the last few months have been hard. My best friend died, which meant my previous exams went terrible, which meant school got difficult. I spent my days on the internet, and I could only have fun with friends if I got drunk. I felt myself turning into a mindless zombie.

So next week my final examinations will start, but my mind was all clouded and I couldn’t concentrate. I tried to pick op LD’ing, but did not succeed.
Last night it all became too much. I went to bed, started crying and crying and couldn’t see how I would survive the coming weeks. My last weeks at school were supposed to be fun, but now they turned out to be terrible. I literally cried myself to sleep.

And then I suddenly found myself in a lucid dream. There was no “click”, the dream was lucid from the start. The sky was yellow-green-ish, it rained softly and I saw stars even though it was quite light. There were green, purple and yellow fields, and a river. It was all really beautiful.

I knew there was someone next to me. When I saw this man, it immediately felt right - like he was some kind of father figure to me (I never really had a bond with my father, so it felt like I could “fill in a gap in my life.”) I told him my mind felt stuck, that there was just none of all the creativity and spirit I had before, left.

He took my hand and said: “Look around you. I did not make all this - you did.”
It was indeed beautiful, but I said: “But none of this is real. This is not my life. You are not even real. This is all a dream.” And he replied: “And like all dreams, all of this was created by your mind. And you did not create darkness, you created beauty. Your mind is not stuck, your spirit is still there. You just had to open up again, to see the things around you again.”

We sat down, saying nothing. I fell “asleep” in his arms - or at least watched the sky turn darker and the stars fading, and the dream disappeared slowly and I found myself in bed.

Now this might sound unbelievable, or weird, or corny, or stupid, or pathetic. But when I woke up, I felt better than I had felt in weeks. My concentration is getting back, and it seems as though the world is more ‘real’, more colourful and vivid - like a lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming helped me get on track again. I feel way more confident about the finals ahead of me.

So thank you, LD4All, because without this wonderful site on which I do not often post, but which I do read a lot on, I would never have gotten this amazing experience that I will probably remember for a long time. My mind keeps surprising me. :content:

also, sorry for any mistakes in English grammar. It’s not my first language.

Hey wings,

This was really touching. I’ve never heard of anything quite like what happened to you. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit beter, I can’t imagine what it would be like if I were to lose one of my best friends.

This was anything but pathetic or corny or etc.

The figure you met might have been your Dream guide or Spirit guide. It kind of depends what you believe in, but I see them/it as a representation of
your subconscious mind.

I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming exams, (and with your lucid dreaming)
Thank you for sharing your story, if you need to vent you can always come to this community.or send a.message

Sweet dreams!

First of, im very sorry your friend died.

Good to hear that you are feeling better, you can use LDing to get through hard times everytime.

It doesn’t sound unbelievable at all.

It is you who got yourself out of your slumber.
Your subconicous only helped you.
Through your lucid dream you were able to set aside any worries for that moment, and speak to your subconcious “Your other self.”

I really have respect for you, being able to create something as beautiful as you have described it to be, although being in such stress.

You have a very strong mental state, and also notice that you have a remarkable talent for Lucid dreaming.

Have you tried any of the Techniques for example, WILD or WBTB.
I can imagine you might not want to try WBTB at the moment, since you are really stressed out and you’ed rather stay asleep.

But as a reminder which you stated yourself, you felt alot better when you had this experience.

It might not turn out to be the best idea but:
You can also try recalling your friends Physical Image (As a body)

He can also then talk to you.

Im sorry if anything i said, or might have wrote, harms you in any way.

PS: I believe in the supernatural, i believe he can really communicate with you this way.
Try believing in the fact of the supernatural, it helps you create fun and worryless moments :smile:

Thank you for your sweet replies.

Xaren - It’s funny you mention bringing my friend into an LD. Because the last time I had an experience like this, it was an LD in one of the weeks after her passing away. She was there and told me everything would be alright, that she had peace and I would have to find it too. It was less vivid than this LD, but this one too had a real impact on my daily life.

I do indeed use other techniques, I succesfully performed WILD a few times and every once in a while I have a MILD, but it seems that when I need it most, I can always count on… Well I guess my subconscious.

I did not really think of it yet, Shadow, but I guess he might indeed be my “spirit guide” (says a complete atheist, but I do like the idea of some representation of my subconscious)


This is one amazing story!

I am not sure if you are a believer of some kind, religous, or what your religion is, but this sounds to me like a very spiritual experience. I had something like that once myself, and when I woke up, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It changed my perspective on life, and I am still working to implement what I learned in real life.

I’m not really religious myself, although I do believe that through LD’ing you can reach thoughts and truths that your conscious self ‘blocks’. I believe that everything DC’s say is already stored somewhere in your mind, but because in real life you are restricted by your state of mind, your environment, your senses etc. Which means that although they are ‘generated’ by your mind, dream characters can still have vital information and good advice for you.

Which all comes very close to my idea of God, whom I, despite myself, still consult in times of need - just because when I need to make a decision, I’d rather adress my subconscious as God or whatever, then say: “Hey, brain, what’s your opinion?” This forces me to think from a different, higher perspective, so that the answers is less influenced by my own state of mind.

Allright, now I’m getting offtopic, but yeah, apparently I see God as a DC. Which means I do get the feeling of a spiritual encouter in a case like this xD. Does it make any sense? :tongue:

I’m sorry about your friend and all that you’re going through. That was a great dream, thanks for sharing it! (not at all corny! :lol: ) Sometimes these very special dreams just pop up and leave us a bit in awe of what our minds can come up with!

I wrote another paragraph here about atheism and spirituality not being opposites at all, but it didn’t come out very good :tongue: So I’ll just say “YES, it does make sense to me”.


I usually say: To each his own (belief)
or of course lack there of :wiske:

This is not stupid at all, in fact I thought it was really beautiful.
The only people who would find this is “weird” are those who completely refuse to accept lucid dreaming as something real.

I would like to point how rare your experience is, despite being normal among us.

According to my experiences, it’s much harder to get LDs when you are depressed and/or absent minded and also it’s a bit rare to get DCs that help you to get Lucid. But I see that in this case you were naturally lucid. It’s rare to be naturally lucid for some while it’s very common for others, so I won’t talk about that in this topic.

And apparently it’s got little to do with the ability to induce LD’s. I’m not particularly good at that - other than the typical “beginner’s luck” LD’s, it took me a year to start having lucid dreams say, twice a month. Therefore I never thought of myself as a lucid dreaming talent (although like many others, I’ve had plenty of them as a child).

Wow… thanks for sharing your experience, very profound. :universe:

My family recently lost a close family friend. On the same night she passed away my mum had a dream where she was carrying our friend to a bed and lay her down and she said her goodbyes, she wasn’t lucid but it was very vivid and she said it wasn’t sad and she had a real sense of closure and acceptance. When she woke up in the morning she got the phone call and she already knew what is was about…

I think dreams like these are definitely a sort of psychological coping mechanism that our subconscious can provide us with when we are going through a difficult stages. I believe it may seem like a spiritual experience because you are interacting directly with your own subconscious, which I believe possibly represents a person’s “true” self and in that way close to what you might consider a spirit if you believe in that sort of thing. Either way it’s amazing how complex the human mind is and I think stories like this show how LDing could be therapeutic for those who have undergone traumatic experiences.

If you ever want to talk feel free to PM me as I’m really fascinated by this subject :smile: :peek:

Yeah, apart from all this adventures we have in dreamland it’s an incredibly fascinating subject that changes my whole vision on the human mind.

If I ever have random thoughts on LD’ing and interesting dreams I’ll PM you :3 There are not many people IWL with whom you can talk about it. Hence my love for ld4all :razz: