An idea regarding exploring more than 3 spatial dimensions

I have an idea on how to experience more than 3 spatial dimension into a LD.
Unfortunately, I cannot test it myself, because this problem.
Anyway, I experienced more than 3 spatial dimension into ND, so, it’s definitely possible :smile:

But I am posting it here, to give a change of anyone to try if it works.
First, I am reffering here only about spatial dimension (i.e. here I am not considering the time the fourth dimension of space). Here is a introduction to 4 dimension of euclidian space. Also, here is the analog to cube in 4 dimensions. Of course, 4 dimension is not the limit :smile:

The ideea sounds like this:
In your dream, try to be aware of the 3 dimensions. Move left-right (first dimension), forward-backward (second dimension) and up-down (third dimension).
After this, try to move in the space in such way to avoid any combination of previous movements, but still move in the “new” direction. To explain this, think an analogy: the up/down direction is not a combination of left/right with forward/backward.
So, try to “find” the other new direction (ask your brain to move there), and move in that direction. I don’t know how it will work. Just espect that this will happen.
Before trying this, read the documentation from links from above.
Btw. this kind of experiences are a bit hard to remeber, because it is something very different than real-life :smile:

Good luck and tell here the results.

Ok, I read it. Quite fascinating. And informative. It’s hard to not think in 3D though. It must be marvelous to be able to visualise it. It really bends my mind to try. And to think about a 5th dimention. That must be crazy.

Could you share your own experience?

The forth dimension, happens, in fact, to be time. So how about the fifth?

We are not talking about the fourth dimension as in the one dimension of time we exist in in addition to the three dimensions of space. We are talking about the fourth spacial dimension.

In fact personally, I think it isn’t as simple as saying, “THE fourth dimension is time.” I think that dimensions of space and dimensions of time may be two separate things. We exist in the first dimension of time and the third dimension of space. I guess you could say time is the fourth dimension in which we exist, but it is not exactly a true fourth dimension if it is simply one dimension of one thing in addition to three dimensions of an entirely different thing.

The fourth spacial dimension is like three dimensional space, only an extra, fourth axis is added to the three axises of the third dimension. This axis is perpendicular to all of them. It is impossible to move along this axis, known as the W-axis, in real life because it doesn’t exist within 3-dimensional space, just like the Z-axis doesn’t exist in the second dimension. It is also extremely difficult to visualize the fourth dimension because it seems to us that the third dimension is all there is, just like it would seem to a two dimensional being like the second dimension is all there is. We cannot ever rotate ourselves to look out of the third dimension.

Any direction you look is still confined to 3-dimensional space, but right next to you, at all times, there is a direction in which you can never journey, and I don’t think you would want to unless you were four dimensional yourself. Why? Well, think about it. If a two-dimensional being entered the three-dimensional world, it would simply be like a flimsy, infinitely-thin, piece of paper, which would immediately flop to the floor and be unable to move from that spot. It would also not be able to perceive the world in three dimensions, because its eyes would only be able to perceive two dimensional space. Its field of vision would only be a vertical slit, looking out into a two-dimensional world, like our vision is like a window looking out into a three-dimensional world. That’s not the worst of it. Since there is a completely new set of directions for the two-dimensional creature, then there would be nothing blocking the creature’s innards from falling out of its body. It would be dead in an instant. Now, imagine that, only with a human journeying to the fourth dimension. Pretty much the same thing would happen. So, if you ever try to enter 4D space in a dream, be sure to transform into a 4D being first.

I’ve always thought of time as a spatial dimension, we are simply moving along the w (time) axis at roughly 186,000 miles per second (or whatever Einstein tells us.) This means that the fifth dimension is probability (think Back to the Future II) and the sixth is something I can’t really comprehend at the moment.

That’s my warped view of the universe.

Actually the two dimentional beings eyes can only percieve on dimension, like ours can only percieve 2. What bugged me is that. In a 2D world. Wouldn’t the 2d beings only see a line for evey object? They can’t see that there is a hole in a 2d donut. What trials it would be to learn to interpret all the different lines as 2d objects. And in a 2d room with a 2d object inside, could the 2d person see the difference between the object and the walls? Perhaps if they are different colors. It almost seems hard enough to visualise how a 1D line takes up your whole field of vision. What does it even look like? We can’t see anything with less than 2 dimensions. I mean. To see a line it must not only have lenght, but width.

Ever hear of Space-Time? These are the dimensions of reality.

I don’t know. Maybe you’re right. If so, maybe the third dimension is time for the two dimensional world, and the fifth dimension is time for the four dimensional world, and so on. Who knows?

It’s the Space/Time continuum but that’s not what were talking about here. Try the link! When you see the index you may think “This is gonna be long!” and it’s a little bit long, but not as long as it looks. And when you get into it you won’t wanna quit reading.