An idea "Saving Dreams"

I dunno if this has been discussed before, but while looking around this site i suddenly got this idea. Alright first of all when we have a dream its usually remembered by us hence we can remember it when we are awake and tell it to other people. I also have heard sumwhere before that whenever you learn sumthing or sumthing happens its remembered by your sub-conscience or long term memory, but you just cant always directly remember it. That is why sum people get hypnotized to remember something they forgot. Anyway a theory i got. What if, while lucid you could “will” yourself to save your dream to your sub-conscience and store it in memory. Then the next time you become lucid you would be able to reacess this and jump back into the dream where you left off and continue having it. I haven’t heard of anyone trying this before but its worth a try. Maybe when you are having the lucid dream say sumthing to yourself over and over again for a while like “I will remember this dream, it will be stored in my memory and saved” Then next time ur in Lucidville think about and say “I will like to access and enter back into my so and so dream” and try to think about it. Unofrtunately im kinda just a begginer so its gonna be a while till i get in the Pro Lucid state. Any thoughts or comments Or if your gonna test it out for me let me know.

Someone also had the idea of using this kind of technique to go back in time to previous events they’ve experienced. While it’s possible, since all memory is saved somewhere, what you expect to see can color your memory. Also, dreams are very fluid/unstable, so it could start changing into something else entirely.

If you are talking about remembering lucid dreams… It normally isn’t that hard for me to remember lucid dreams. Only maybe once or twice have I had very short lucid dreams that I forgot about and remembered later in the day. Lucid dreams, for me, are much easier to remember than non-lucid ones.