An idea, to help prevent spam and email attacks

I had an idea. This probably won’t work, but…

We all get mail that is spam or unwanted mail. So if we created webpages, that listed all these emails, then when some of the spam attackers scan the email address, they would then use each others’ adresses to spam each other. Hopefully their accounts would be full of junk mail and they would not be able to handle the attacks.

I think we just need to hunt them down. Kill the source, solve the problem. :neutral:

I always push “unsuscribe” in the bottom of the email. Then there’s those turds that just mail people randomly. I’d like to stab them in the face, but it really isn’t that much of a nuisance as long as you take an hour to unsuscribe to everything. :grrr:

…even then, most of the spam spam spam is sent from bogus e-mail accounts anyway, set up for the sole purpose of spamming spamming spamming! So you really won’t do much harm to these spammers spammers spammers.

You do realize that you should only unsubscribe to things you have subscribed to.

Some spam is sent with “unsubscribe” links just to verify if it’s an active address. If you have clicked the “tainted” unsubscribe link than you have verified that you are indeed a spam reader. :neutral:

It’s also a good idea to disable HTML. If HTML is enabled than it can load pictures from unique URLs that also verify that you read spam.

As reality?..failure! mentions, many spammer addresses are bogus. Some even use hi-jacked SMTP servers, and some spoof the headers that make the email look as if it came from somewhere else.

An easy way to sort the junk is to just create filters of the address on your address book. Then you can get your personal email automatically sorted from the junk.

Sage has got the right idea :happy:

K!LL K!LL K!LL :smile: