An idea to modify dream objects

A couple of months ago, I’ve saw Lily Allen’s music vid called “F you” and I was facinated with the imagery concept since then… The idea was that Lily’s character (the viewer’s point of view) was using her fingers to modify reality withing her line of sight like she was manipulating images on a touch screen. I called this type of power “Iphone fingers”. Do anyone had the chance to do such a thing in a LD?

The hands are our instruments of power IWL, so the association with dream control is rather useful :content:
Also, covering objects with our hands to make them disappear/modify them/spawn them is a good idea, because it saves all the “how does it happen?” visuals, it just happens where you’re not looking :wink:

I usually use will alone to control and manipulate my environment in my dreams. Although not as easy to do as Iphone fingers (cool name) its usually more potent when it works. The next time I LD I’ll try it.

You mean like this?


Yeah, that’s pretty much it in fact :smile:

btw, that comic strip was very funny :tongue: