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puzzle over this one guys…

My friend (yes THAT one lol) has been having odd occurences this past week, every morning since Weds morning, she has been waking up at 8:32am on the dot and feeling like she is not alone in her room.

However lastnight it started happening ever 2hrs 2:32, 4:32, 6:32, 8:32 on the dot. She’s also awoke with bruises on her legs on a couple of days that she can’t explain the cause.

Anyone got any ideas on what might be the cause of something like this?

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Its easy to be misled by people using just words through internet chat. She could be lying to wind you up. Just consider the possibility at least, at the end of the day u know her better than any of us here?

On the other hand, occurances like your friends are not unheard of, poltergeists for example. I will also mention witchcraft`, but reluctently!! since i have little understanding and knowledge of whether it even exists. Approach the latter suggestion with caution.

A possible reason for waking up every 2 hours could be sub-concious. It is possible using visualisation and suggestion techniques (kind of self-hypnosis i suppose u can call it) to tell yourself to wake up at a specific time or in your friends case every 2 hours. I have used it several times and wake up almost bang on the dot!! I find it amazing how your mind can map time so precise.
It`s just a possibility although im unsure as to how she could have programmed her sub-concious to wake up every 2 hours without her conciously knowing it.
This is also assuming her waking up periods have no connection to her bruising.

Otherwise im mythed about the whole thing :confused:

It was probally a paedophile. That always makes sesne. Lets burn the paedophile at the stake. That’s always fun :content:.

UnitedSoul raised a good point, your mind keeps amazingly accurate time. I noticed that when I set an alarm in the morning, I’d almost always wake up about 5 minutes before it was due to go off. Because of this, I don’t think I’ve actually heard my alarm in several weeks. Also, if by some bizarre coincidence you wake up at the same time two days in a row, you might accidentally ‘program’ yourself to continue the trend by sheer placebo. Otherwise, maybe something in her room is making a sound every 2 hours, causing her to awaken?

Not sure about the bruises. Maybe she had a violent fit during a period of NREM (when you aren’t paralysed) and managed to hit herself.

I’d like to point out the girl is a bad liar lol, we generally chat on cam so the possibility of her winding me up is slim, but of course still possbile.

The possibility of a poltiguiest had occured to me that or a diva. (For those who don’t know a diva is a term given to an evil energy that has manifested through negative emotions and experiences and never lived as a human) and i did meantion it to her.

The reason i am tempted to believe her is that when she wakes up she feels like something/one is there and she is genuinely disturbed by the feelings she gets. I’m not saying it’s anything paranormal it could be that shes having night-terrors and not remembering them and it’s just coincidence that she wakes up at the same time, it could also explain the bruising as extreme emotion can bypass the SP. That would be the most plausible explination but still very interesting to me either way.

Old Hag? No deffinately not. OHS is when people wake up and feel a heavy weight on them and cannot move. (basically waking up in sleep paralysis - at least that’s how it sounds to me from what i just read on google - yes i had to look it up lol) on waking she is not restricted in anyway.

As for united soul’s ‘witchcraft’ suggestion i am well versed in witchcraft, wicca and satanic magics (and even a little voodoo) it’s a subject that i like so i will look into that.

I have restless leg syndrome (RLS) and my legs constantly jerk even when asleep. I have scars and bruises from hitting the wall and my other leg. Some nights I wake up every hour.

But hers sounds different, or somethings changed if it has only just started. If it continues it might be best to see a doctor to rule out sleep disorders etc before looking at the supernatural for an explanation.

I heared for restless leggs kalium (bananas) and other minerals play an important role.


As far as things that are make believe… I like alien abduction. When my girl friend would constantly wake up with bruises I suggested that to her.

Most likely this girl just bruises easy and is laying on her hand or kneeing herself. I wouldn’t have believed this about my girlfriend until I saw her sleeping in a nightmare. She was jerking aroudn so violently that she woke me up.

As far as feeling liek there is some one in the room… Umn did she consider that when you wake up you are in a hypnotic state of mind and you are very open to suggestion. If the thought would haev crossed her mind ONCE, then her subcouncious is likely to aid in creation of this delision while her brain is in alpha.

Most likely, if she isn’t BSing, she has really convinced her self that this is happenning, and is basically creating a self fullfilling prophecy., causing the delision to escalate. Thikning like this is dangerous. It happens to drug addicts, people who suffer from depression, and in her case, scizos. She needs to not promote her delision for herself. She needs to develop a healthy thought pattern that consists in basing causation on fact not feeling. I would also suggest that she finds out of scizo runs in her family(if she is serious).

Learjet wrote:

I do agree with this. Now i think about it, im pretty sure i have heard at some point of a disease that causes people to bruise very easily with the slightest knock. Im not a medical dictionary so its wise to do a search on the subject (Google seems to be popular :smile: ). This disease combined with other sleeping disorders, or simply just moving a lot in sleep, could be quite a feasable explanation for the bruising. Look at the simplest explanations before investigating the little known world of the paranormal.

maybe she has been possessed by lucifer, and that would explain the bruises…

the amount of immature and childish replies in this thread amazes me.

I’m not familiar with a desease that causes that (except maybe lukiemia) but i know that some deseases require drugs that thin the blood which would cause easy bruising. She is naturally hard to bruise though so if she is doing it in her sleep then she must be hitting herself very hard.

Although you have got me thinking of a possible sleep apnea case.

Maybe she wakes up a lot, except she forgets all the times that don’tfit the pattern so she ends up with this strange string of events? And maybe once she had noticed this, she, y’know, exaggerated a bit. That’s the only explanation I can think of.