An LD Experience ... induced by unintentional WILD?

I actually had a pretty clear LD experience… the funny thing is i’m seeing a pattern appear!

Poor Clarity LD -> Decent Clarity LD (the following night)

This pattern has occured twice now…
Anyway, onto the LD…

I woke up in the middle of the night and went back to sleep… in my dream I entered a bathroom and looked in the mirror… as I looked into the mirror, starting from the bottom to the top I realized the person I was seeing wasn’t correct… it was me! The problem is… in the dream I was shapeshifted into another person and I was aware of my shapeshifting… Also, in the mirror I noticed a square was sort of cut out of it near my left eye (right side of mirror)…

Both of these things, the fact that I was myself in the mirror, and the cut out section of the mirror made me think “i’m dreaming!” Luckily this time I remembered to look at my hands… I did this right away and noticed they were blurry and looked strange! I said “increase lucidity” and it made them clear … the problem was as I tried to move around I lost focus of the dream alot, very fast… I continued to say “increase lucidity” (even though I couldn’t hear myself say it) and tried to shout it too for more effect… it didn’t seem to work for long as I found myself out of the dream :confused:

crazy… but fun… maybe one day I can actually feel comfortable enough to actually walk around the dream environment, all I can do so far is notice i’m asleep and moments later (in this case a little longer) wake up.

Sounds like a worthy enough LD to me.

You’ve probably heard this a lot of times, but I’ll say it again. LDing gets much easier each and every time that you experience it. What you have to do to fully incorporate that is to give yourself simple goals for each LD that you strive to have. For example, for your next LD you could say you want to observe everything in your starting area. And then from that dream on, you make your goals lead up to your ultimate dream (no pun intended), and that most normally is to be able to do anything you want.

On top of that, you also must train yourself to be very calm when you first realize you’re dreaming. If you get too excited, that’s going to obviously make you wake up and lose lucidity. You just need to smoothley transform your ND self to your LD self, and once that happens, then you can get excited and go do crazy stuff. To do this, try just breathing slowly and see what happens. You’ll have to experiment to see what’s best.

It just takes some time and practice, but it’s easy. You are already past the hardest part of all this, which is having the first LD.

Hey thanks… i’m glad someone replied to this.

I’ve stopped recording my dreams lately so it’s no suprise to me that i’ve stopped having LD’s. I’ll have to make sure I start working on my DR again… because, when I do that I seem to get into LD’s unintentionally, hehehe.

Yeah DR is always important :tongue: . It’s good that you know what your problem is, because now once you fix that problem, you know that you will get what you desire.

Hope to read some more LDs from you! :wink:

Hm, I havent seen you, BenDrummin, for a long time;p good to know you’re back.

When you are olny thinking about stuff connected with lucid dreaming, it makes chanse of getting lucid bigger.