This has happened to me on a few occasions, and I was wondering if it qualified as an OBE.

I was taking a nap, mid-day and I began to get a sensation of floating. I didn’t think anything of it because I get strange sensations sometimes upon falling asleep, but suddenly I found myself standing in my room, facing away from my bed, at first I thought I was awake and had moved to this spot without remembering it. But I had a “liberated” feeling about me, I felt buoyant and I realized I was drifting toward the ceiling. I suddenly had the notion to look behind me a the bed, and when I did I saw myself sleeping there! Suddenly, I felt heavy and I began to feel as though I was being “sucked” back toward my body, I tried to fight it, but I continued to be sucked in, and then I woke with a feeling I can only describe as a “thud”.

Would that be an OBE of small proportions?

Certainly sounds like a OBE or similar HI, congrats to you :d

YES it was, good job :smile:,the reason why you went back into your body is because you were thinking of your body, once out of the body its important to not think about your physical body or you will find yourself back in it… atleast thats what i read somewhere