An odd/funny dream i had

I was sitting on the side of a freeway, partying with about 15 of my friends, cars passing by alarmingly fast, for a good while. One of my friends shows up out of nowhere with his jeep, guess he decided to go offroading and he ended up on the freeway. he then procedes to pick up a girl from the party and then offroad to some other place. A little later a van pulls up, about 15 cops come out and start chasing us. Then out of the corner of my eye i see a high school track race going on, on the other side of the freeway, and then BAM! all of us are in the track race…and then i woke up. My dreams are always random, but never like that.

Hah hah, I love random dreams… I wonder how often cars appear to be moving very fast in lucid dreams? Because I have only seen a road with cars on it during one dream, and every car moved extremely fast and was filled to the maximum seating capacity… (or so I could tell after a few seconds of glancing). If I can refine this question, perhaps I will start an expirement on it…

Hi richiem9 :smile:

That was a great dream u had ^_~