An odd question

I have a question… If dreams are any reflecrtion of how you feeling and what your thoughts are, Is there times when this may not be true?

Had a recent dream, where I was said some things to deliberately hurt someone’s feelings… Thes things were malice and probably uncalled for.

Dreams are a reflection of your subconcious desires and feelings, not neccesarily your concious desires. So, If you have not liked someone for a long time but then recently become friends again, there is a chance that you may still have some subconcious negativity towards them.

You don´t like ANYTHING about one person,even if he/she is your best friend.There are always things that you dislike.Perhaps you were mean in your dream because of some of these things?


Traumgänger, did you mean that you don’t like everything about one person. Or, that there is always something you don’t like about one person. I am a little confused.

Oh,you are right,what i said really doesn´t make sence that way,sorry…
I meant that there is always something that you don´t like about a person


I had a dream about two days ago. In it my friend was signing my death certificate. When i said that he didn’t need to anymore, he just shrugged me off and ept on filling it in. (at one stage i was going to sacrifice my life for others, but then didn’t need to)

I don’t know how this could be my subconscious desire, i always thought that the subconscious wants you to live.

Your subconcious is affected by your concious directly. Therfore, any dreams that can’t be explained as being “normal” are normally identified as dreams where you have a very strong concious desire. However, I don’t think this is your case. Remember, “yourself” in dreams is not neccesarily representative of your mind. You may just be acting out a suicidial person or life risking person you saw on TV or something.

ok that’s good

Also i hope it’s not one of those dreams that predicts the future (even though everyone dies somehow)

Yeah it just struck me as something odd… To be so malice is not in my nature, not even in dreams.

I’ve dreamed that I’ve been poisoned, shot, and death of others.
Wish dreams were easy to interpret

I certainly don’t wish dreams were easy to interpret, it would make them much more boring (in my opinion). But this might just be me because I can often see the exact situations that mold my dreams, that is, normally when I go through dream recall I can realize “oh, that bat in my dream was the same one I saw at the zoo IRL”, etc… So maybe I am just lucky :content:

I would think that dreams in themselves can produce feelings and thoughts that you would not normally have and therefor not necassrily related to your waking lidfe thoughts and feelings.

Even if it were true -that dreams always reflect your feelings and thoughts in waking life- don’t forget that the person you are insulting then does not necessarily reflects a real person. It may just as well you insulting another part of yourself :smile: