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[color=blue][i]Why did I have to name this thread after the first dream I post…

Anyways, i’m sort of new to this LD concept, but am begining to beleive in it a bit stronger now, as i’m showing signs i’m capable of it…I think?

As for this dream, I think it was about the only one I ever had that kept it’s plotline all dream long. I was sitting in school, waiting for the last bell to ring and release me to the busstop to sit with my friends and wait for the big Twinkie to come carry me home. (I swear thats what busses remind me of…)
But thats not what happened. The bell rang, but as I walked outside I notice it has begun raining harder than anything I had ever seen. At least in Arizona. It poured so hard, the raindrops seemed to splatter a good 3 or 4 feet before returning to the earth to splatter into smaller and smaller raindrops. The water level was rising rapidly. The teachers came from thier rooms to look and the students crouded around. I forgot about what was happening for a moment to look for my crushee who, even in my dreams, consumes my every thought. He sticks out from other people, not just because he is a bit bigger, but because he has a strange presence. I know when he’s close, because I get this wierd feeling from his direction. It isn’t good or bad feeling. Sort of a mix I suppose.
I couldn’t find him sadly. by the time reality came back to me I realized I was up to my waist in water. I practically had to swim out of school.
A large bus came barreling along and splayshed the water in gigantic waves as it went by. I was neither scared nor calm. I was, am, and will always be an excellent swimmer, but the waves were growing fast. I soon became anxious. I didn’t know how my crush’d fair in the water. As I went to look for him the water had risen to my chest and I grew severely cold. I was suddenly jurked back by a shadowy, soaking figure. I yelled at it to let me go, when I noticed it was my Geometery teacher. I could only stare at him as he tugged me and tried to get me into his car with his dog to bring me to a high, safe place. I refused top go. I wanted to look for my the boy that I loved. I wished to die with him, had he not ben able to get to a safe place, but he slung me over his shoulder and carried me with his wrestling coach strength to the car and locked the door with a key. I beat on the door and cried but couldn’t hear myself do any of it. The waves were crashing harder and louder and still somehow my teacher could drive his small black Ford Escort through it…
Soon though we were faced with a bigger adversary. from the rear view mirror (and my teary eyes) I saw a line of spikes following us at a steady pace. The spikes seemed to bob up and down in the water, but were unaffected by the waves’ harsh beating, as if it were attatched to something huge swimming heind us.
I realized this all too late. A huge scalley muzzle shot from the water and clamped it’s teeth down onto the truck of the car. It lifted us up and shook us sligtly. My teacher jumed from the car and i heard a large splash as he reached the water. I became scared as I looked at the open door, then at the eyes of this large beats who was now in control of my life. He was enormous, a snakel-like dragon with deep, black eyes like black pearls and beautiful greena nd blue scales with a line of spikes going down his head, neck and back to his long tail. I didn’t have time to admire him though, he threw the car as I fell from it and landed in the ice cold water. I didn’t know what was going on. I could only resume my orriginal quest to find my love and get us both to a better place, dead, or alive.
Once again it was cut short by a wave that threw me high into the air. I landed on something very hard and I blacked out almost instantly.
I awoke to the noise of people crowding around me and a few others. I glanced around the room and at my saviours. The room was dark, lit by only a few candles and a karosine lamp. I looked as if it were an island hut made from bamboo, leaves and dried grasses. There were very few rooms and many many people in tattered clothes. Many of them had bandages around thier heads and arms. They told me that i’d washed up on thier roof after a wave came by without me having to ask them about it. They also told me the this was one of many resuce centers where the sick and injured ended up in this storm. I thanked them for helping me, and asked if they had met my love. Unfortunately they had not, and I became saddened. I layed where I was for a while. The rain had seeped through a small hole in the contruction beams of the hut and slowly dripped on my face. I was weak, and the calm, repetitiveness of it soothed me, being a far stretch from what I had already experianced with water.
I got up later to look out the window of the hut. I could see the bodies of the large dragons jumping in and out of the water trying to reach the huts, which were stationed on large stilts abouve the waves. (How’d I get on the roof then?)
As my body regained it’s strength I headed outside into the calmer rain. By now all you could see water. That and the small huts that popped up from it. The wind lew hard and my clothes were still wet. It was chilling to think of my crush at this point. If he were still alive he must’ve been in worse hape than me. Oh how I dreaded the thought.
But this dream has a habit of interrupting me. I looked out to see a giant dragon, ten times as big as the other ones, rising from the water, his scales glittering with the slight light that bounced fromt he blocked sun to it and the splattering water, and as he did so he released an enormous, loud roar, louder than the wind and rain and waves together. All other dissapeared and he dove back into the water.
It was amazing that such a thing existined! It was so beautiful and so terrifying at the same time! I felt a large presence upon me suddenly, and the large figure rose in front of me, knocking me into a pole that held up the roof of the short Pier I was standing on. The waves crashed aginst me and the hut/pier and soaked me again. I became frightened, I feared this beast would devour me whole, as I had seen in so many monster movies! I pleaded with him, I yelled for him to spare my life, at least untill I found my love and knew he was okay. And for some reason, he listend. He sat, quietly in fact, and he stared, like he was listining. I begged him one more time and spoke the name of my crush. The dragon suddenly jerked back and decended into the water.
it was several minutes before he rose again. He leaned his head close to the dock and released from his mouth and released a large, white and pink figure. I recognized my love and ran to him. I picked him up, somehow nad carried him inside.
I knew he was alright now. He had a chance to live. I ran back outside, where the rain had stopped and the clouds parted slightly. I then thanked this beautiful god for bringing me the peace I needed. He nodded in acceptance and understanding. I offered my life to keep him alive, but he declined and left. I felt sort of empty. I’d never see this wonderful being again, but I owed my life,a nd that of my crush, to him and I vowed to never forget his kindness and sympathy for me.[/i][/color]

That’s an awesome dream full of strong symbolism. :eh: I could really visualise it as I read it :happy:

:wave: Anaju, welcome to LD4all

I tend to over-exadurate on stuff. Especially dragons. He was shiney, his scales glistened, but it was still a dark, dank scenerio o_o;

[color=blue][i]I had another kinda water dream once. This one I supposed had a plot for the first 2/3 of the dream, but closer to the end it decided to go off on some sort on tangent.

Anyways, I was at my old old school in New York. (2 schools before the one I am currently going to. I live in AZ now). I don’t know why most of my dreams base or start me of at school, but they do. I was in Anime Club, talking with my crush, his tall, skinny friend with the sweet glasses, and my friend. I was having alot of fun, as I usually do with them. Even in my dreams they are my most favorite much of people to be around. Everything is so random with us, and that randomness is so hilarious.

Guess I should describe what he looks like, it would give some people more of a view on things. My boy is taller than anybody I know. He’s around 6’5" and dresses in light colors. Normally a white/yellow overshirt with a yellow/red/white shirt under it. He wears jeans most the time, and has fluffily blone hair. It used to be longer, and much more beautiful, but he cut it and now i’m mad :O. About the only thing thats dark about him is (besides the fact that he is much like a stone with his emotions) his hat. I rests on his head, and it looks as if it is sleeping :3

Anyways, Anime Club ended. My friend left for her house and so did my crush’s skinny friend. We were alone now, waiting for the bus to take us home. The sun was slightly down, and the sky was showing signs of purples and reds lightly floating on the bottom of the clouds. It was the ideal setting for me. We were talking, more lightly, almost more intametly, showing more of a personal side than we did with our friends. He talked calmer, more deeper and I tried to show him how I felt with my words. Unfortunately…I am very bad with them. I ended up making him chuckle for a minute, and I was happy with it as the bus rolled up. We both walked inside and sat together. The bus was not ordinary. It was very airplane-looking, with red streamers and veils like in an upper class level. I got the window seat because i got on first. Oddly, we were on of the very few people on the bus. (Normally, the bus i get on, the Alex, is JAMMED with people) The bus started and pulled out of the school rather roughly. We suspected there was a personal problem with the driver, joked about it a bit, but realy thought nothing of it. At least not at first. The bus became faster and faster. It had headed down a gravel road, which caused us all to bounce wildly in our seats. Some kids with weak sitting skills fell out into the isle, but giggled and laughed. My boy and I on the other hand were very frightened. I remember looking over the bouncing bodies and the seats of the other kids at a bridge that had collapsed due to some rain and there was now a great big hole in the ground filled with water. I had apparently been told about before, as my dream self seemed to remember it. A part had been re-built and was allowing traffic, but that lane was very full. I watched as we got closer and closer to it, our speed not wavering at all. Closer and closer, we went down the hill towards it, bumping, falling forward, and picking up even more speed untill finaly the bouncing stopped and we flew into the air.
The fall was in slow motion. I remember looking over at my boy, him looking back, reaching for me, as the force of gravity pulled the bus down faster than us. Our heads hit the top of the bus hard and I felt my crush’s hand on my shoulder, then a loud crashing, metal twisting sound, then black.

When i awoke from my black out I was so dazed I couldn’t really remember what had happened. I saw a friend of mine in her green sweatshirt walk up to me and shake me, asking if I were okay. It didn’t hurt me, so U said yes and triend to stand. I instantly felt the water in my clothes and heard the sound of water trickling around me in small, branching streams. When I got to my feet I saw a huge light. It was the sun shining through a huge hole in the bus, that had split on a large mound that was in the middle of the hole. It was buring brightly, suggesting I blacked out through the night. I climbed out and looked around. The hole was deeper than I thought! We were at least 150 feet down! I felt like I was in a big crater, left by a meteor slamming into earth, but it was filled with water. I looked down at it. It was a dark indigo, almost black. I could only guess that in parts it were deeper than the hole above us. It was no wonder no one seemed to be trying to save us.
I then looked around a the rest of the hole. There were slabs of metal and seats floating in the water, sticking out of the walls of the hole and the mounds in various places. There were alos red carpets and veils along the shards and I instantly remembered the events that happened before as I looked at them. I jumped into the water, which was not cold at all, but luke warm, and I swam to where the second half of the bus lay partly submerged in water. I had to jump as high as I could, and pull myself in. I then rolled into it, the slant of the bus cathcing me off guard, the seats were not there. I slammed into the water andtook the opurtunity to look for my crush. I was so afraid that he had been injured in the crash. He was not in the water, so I climbed up, loosing my grip many times from the slimey bog water.I jumped back down and wam face down, scanning the outside water for any traces of him, but could not find any. I got back to where I had recently seen my friend, but she was not there.
I suddenly hear a loud, familiar yawning sound comming from behind me. I whirled around, water flooding from my clothes, my hair, and my eyes. It was him! He was alive! He had been sleeping soundly under a seat and a veil. I had not seen him in my haste due to franticness and the fact that he was partially covered up. I ran to him, crying, and he chuckled. We hugged for a while, I couldn’t think of anything to say except “I love you.”. He seemed dumbfounded, and still sleepy.
We sat on the edge of the bus, hand in hand, smiling at each other. We were never saved, but that was okay. Somehow we were able to live without eating, and spent the rest of the dream smimming and enjoying each other’s company.

After that I blacked out again and a whole new dream started about bugs and native people and random other floating things that shot at me -_-;[/i][/color]

[color=blue][i]Omg… heh my dream had a plotline last night. Sad it didn’t have much water in it except for the doorway to hell, but eh.

I was sitting on the bank of a unusually hot river near my villiage in some really big forest. Even though it was really dense and cool in most places, it was very bright by the river, and the sun reflected off the water (which is why I figured it was warm) and into my eyes alot. It was kind of annoying, so I leaned back, bare feet in the water, and layed in the grass. Although I knew there were alot of dangerous animals that could and do live in large forests, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.
I awoke to the feeeling of my arm being pushed by a cold, slightly cloth-covered hand, although I didn’t know it at first. I thought it was an animal testing if I were food or not. As I thought of this, I rose quickly. First just sitting up in a startled fashion, then when I realized it was a man, I got to my feet.
I quickly asked “Who are you!?” The man shook his head and said,
“No one important…” At this pause I got my first good look at him. He was acctually quite handsome. Outfitted in mage-like robes of purple and blue that tucked in to other cloth and hung around his body, he has long, silver hair, similar to that of Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII. He has a familiar face that I couldn’t place in my dream. (When I woke I found out he looked like Soubi from Loveless with Sephiroth hair. pics below :3) He was much taller than me, but he never looked down at me directly (except for one time), even when he talked. His beautiful green eyes behind his clear glassed were always staring at something at the left.
I asked again, “Who are you?” Only this time I wasn’t yelling. I was more curious than frightened or mad. He looked me up and down out of the corner of his eye, then came closer to me. I started to back up, and fearing I would run, he grabbed onto me and looked me in the eyes. (this is the one time I mentioned) I blushed, not knowing wether to be frightened or embarresed.
He released me after a minute or two and reached into a small pouch he had pulled from behind him. He pulled out a small, white-glowing orb that got brighter as he held it out closer to me.
He then exclaimed that he was a demon with powers much like mine. Obviously I didn’t know what in the world he was tlaking about, and he saw that in my puzzled face. The man told me that he was trying to get to the bottom level of Hell to re-capture an anchient animal that was stolen from his demon clan by another clan millenia ago. His familiy had been trying so hard for so long, and he was the last one left. He felt that it was his duty to get the animal back. He then told me that I was a member of a demon clan too, but had a human/Angel mother who dissaproved of my father’s demon ways, so she brought me up as a human. (I don’t rememeber ever seeing my father in my dream so i figure he was dead) I asked him how he knew this, and he said,
“I used to know your father very well. He and I went on hunting trips in the first level of Hell many times. His experiance as a 82,000 year old demon gave my young 1,023 year self the courage and reason to keep trying for my familie’s dream. But since his wife never entered Hell, I was unable to meet you, till now, when your mother decided to move here, where the heat of the netherworld can be felt through the river.”
I asked, “Is the river the doorway into Hell?” He nodded.
He asked me if I would go into Hell with him and try to a capture his familie’s creature. I agreed, but didn’t know what i could do. It was then that he pushed the orb into my chest, glowing brightly as ever as it sank in. A large white light came from my back just then, followed by two enormous wings. One was angelic, feathered, and the other was demonic, bat-like. I found I could move both of them easily. The man said these wings would be the source of my power from now on.
He then took out another orb from his pouch and placed it inside his own chest, followed by two demon wings, much larger than my own, along with a pair of hirns that came from behind his ears then curled downward and inward, like a ram’s. He then pulled a Moses and parted the water in the river, revealing a large hole that seemed to go down for miles. The man put his hand on my shoulder and told me Hell wasn’t as hot as I thought it was and dove in. I, sceptically, followed suit. I jumped in head first, my long hair flowwing behind me, whings flapping wildly as I fell. The Hole soon fanned out into a large room surrounded by lava and a big door, that looked much like the Boss Level doors in Zelda. The man was right though, as we neared the bottom, it didn’t get much hotter than the river. I found it very hard to flap my wings, they seemed very stiff, probobly because i’m rather heavy and was falling at an intense rate. The man though, glided towards the door with ease. I felt sort of jelous. When we landed he chuckled slightly and told me i’d get the hang of it… eventually. We walked up to the door and pushed it in. I revealed a stony landscape with red skies, and lava flowing every which way. It wasn’t all dark and hot like I had expected it to be. It looked much like my home, with trees and rocks and people. Only all the people were demons.
I remember going along this first level of Hell and seeing a bunch of young corpse-like children running around and playing. They were very flimsey-looking, like they’d fall apart any minute. We walked on by, comming to another door. Without turning around, the silver-haired man said this was the entry way to the Second level of Hell, and that I should be prepared to fight. I told him I had nothing to defend myself with. Turning around, he reached into his clothes and pulled out a long staff, the end of which was wrapped. I took it and unwrapped it to find the top was incrested with an orb in the shape of a cross. Appearantly he had fought a very powerful Angel once, and when he won, he took the Angel’s staff, knowing he would meet up with me one day.
I was strangely happy he had been thinking of me and I smiled. He pushed up his glasses and turned back around. He oppened the door and a burst of hot air came at us, blowing our hair and clothes back wildly. I soon become adjusted to it, finding myself in a mountainous place. I tried to admire the setting but was interrupted by a large rumbling sound. The earth below me shook and I ran closer to the silver-haired man. Soon a large, flaming beast came from around the corer and roared at us. He had a humanoid figure aside from his Lion’s head and tail, which were the source of the flames. The man pushed me forward gently, telling me to hold up my staff and call out a spell. I hesitantly did this, somehow knowing what spell to use.
I called out “Heaven’s Light!!” and a huge ray of white light, similar to the orb glowed from the cross on my staff then, shot up from the ground, killing the beast, who burst into little sparks. The silver-haired man patted my head and told me I did a good job.
Some of the next parts are vlurry and I don’t remember them much, but we decended the levels and got pretty beaten up. We reached the Final Boss, who I figured would be Satan, but he called himself Gato. Gato looked much like the silver-haired man, but his hair was short, spikey, and his horns curled back and upward, like an impala. He had a similar face structure, clothes and disposition though, he even wore glasses. There was a huge fight that I don’t remember but we were both beaten up really badly. He was smouldering by the time the battle was over. A huge, pulsing glob of flesh came from his hunced over back and steaming clothes and he was covered in blood and cuts, his glasses had been knocked off in the fight. I tried to help him, but was in such bad shape that I could barely move. The silver-haired man then chuckled weakly and told me I should go home, to rest and get better. He said he’d do the same, then go capture his animal. Somehow I was transported back by the river. and I wobbled home.
I was ‘greeted’ by my mother, who threw a plate at me, hitting me square in the head. She must’ve been mad I was fighting, but she liked my staff o_o;.
A few moths went by, no sign of the silver-haired man, when sudden;y a group of people went by our house. In it I recognized a familiar face. I jumped down from the porch I was sitting on and ran to him. He allowed me to hug him and patted my head. The silver-haired man was all better, and had some cool dark clothes on. I asked him about his animal, and he took me to see it in the forest by the river.
He was a large black and red bull with firey eyes. But he did’t look mean at all, he was acctually very friendly and he allowed us to ride him. I then took them to a place where a strange bunch of fruit grew. This fruit would form on the object you threw at it, depending on how well you hit it. We used peeled oranges and a basket to catch them. I stood on a ledge, then threw the orange, hitting the first one directly int he middle, so the fruit formed around the orange perfectly, and landed in the basket the silver-haired man was carrying. The second try didn’t go so well, I ended up hitting him in the head, the orange slattering upon imapct. The silver-haired man fell down, and fearing I hurt him, i ran to him and put his head on m lap. I found out he was just playing and began to pick the orange pieces out of his hair.
We then went back into my village hand in hand. Appearantly he had proposed to me, because I found myelf trying on wedding dresses with my mother. I went around looking for houses with the silver-haired man and picked out one we both liked. Then, all of a sudden a little corspe child came out of my dishwasher. Scared, he ran back into it, and I followed. It led me to a flight of stairs and as the kid hurried down, he tripped and fell, bursting into a thousand little pieces when he landed on the ground. He pleaded with me to help put him back together, but I said I didn’t have the time. he pleaded more, and I pciked his piecs up and asked if he knew anyone who could help me. He led me to a bunch of older corpses who put him back together. The kid then happily led me back to the stairs and I climbed out of the dishwasher.
The mairrage was typical, nothing special, except that I was woken up in the middle of it by my mother who was calling me for school. Damn! I wanted to know what happened to us afterward. Did we live happily ever after? Did we have to go back to Hell? Did we have kids? WHAT!? I didn’t even get to hear his name…;_;
Btw: this is soubi and sephiroth [/i][/color]

… Loney, is that you?

How did you know :3
EDIT: Okay, I think that Anime Club gave it away and my love of anime/games and the fact that i can’t type…crap.

[color=indigo]You gave it away in a lot of ways. Used to live in NY but moved to AZ? Goes to Anime Club, and rides home on an Alex bus? Crushes on a 6’5" guy who wears dress shirts over T-shirts with jeans and a dark hat that sleeps on his head? The tall, skinny friend with glasses?

I’m not 6’5". I don’t think I’m even 6’4".[/color]

well you know what? I’m 5’3" and I can’t tell because everything is so much taller than me!! So There!

:eek: are you friends in RL? :thud:

more like stalker to the stalkee…
but yeah.

She knew who I was; I use the same username everywhere I go.

Which makes it easier for me to be a stalker :3
EDIT: You make it sound like a bad thing!