Anchoring infinite love/utter self-confidence through LD

Hello everybody!

I’ve had a strange, and so interesting, idea. I would like to know if we can combine anchoring and lucid dreaming in order to get the ability to reach mindset as “utterly self-confident” whenever we wish.
I’ve not that much experience on LD, so I’d like to know your opinion :smile:

Firstly, do you know what anchroing is? To summarize, an anchor is a link between an external stimuli and a mindset. That’s exactly the Pavlov’s dogs story. It’s widely used in NLP, for example to link a finger position to a mindset such as “I’m relaxed”. The idea could look esoteric, but that’s actualy scientific and, more important, that works.
If you want more information, this website explains the concept : … horing.htm
(don’t be afraid if the text is long and the exercice look difficult, to be honest, the reality is much easier thant how it looks - once you’ve got the idea, that’s easy as pie. And you don’t need to do everything as explained there. Futhermore, there are plenty of other website which explain how it works, but because I’m not an english speaker, well, I dunno them).

Secondly, when I read ideas of “what-to-do-during-LD” I often find advices such as "ask your unconscious /the dream/god to make you feeling a state of unconditional love/utter self-confidence/etc.

Thirdly: why not mixing together both ideas? So, in LD we get in a mindest of super self-confidence and, when we feel it, we anchor it by creating a specific stimuli (crossing the fingers in a special way for example).
In order to really anchor this mindset with the stimuli, we need to do it several times. So we have to be in LD more than once, and in a short period of time, to obtain the same mindset and anchor it with the same stimuli (crossing fingers in a peculiar way is always a good idea).

I’m sorry but I have absolutly no idea if it would work, but if it does, we may be able to use this stimuli in real life and feel this mindest.
That’s interesting because we normally don’t feel “unconditional love” or “utter self-confidence”. But as I’ve just said, I dunno if we’re able to do it.

Somemone has an idea? Someone is interested by taking part to this adventure?
Come come come :happy:

I think it’s a very interesting idea :yes:
Could even ask the LD to help anchor it in yourself somehow. Might work even stronger. I’m up for trying!

Thanks! :smile: