And RC technique I think might work for you (new idea)

Ask yourself daily, many times - has your alarm clock gone off already. I think that if you ask are you dreaming before this, you’ll get a good sense of where you are. Now if you happen to ask yourself if you’re dreaming and you dream changes, for example, and you’re not sure if you’re awake or not, your subconcious should pose the question - has your alarm clock gone off yet? Just try it and tell me what happens…

I think its a good idea:)Its narrowed to ppl who wake up to the alarm clock but still very nice.
Combines few things in one(one is rc another is "what was before"trigger)

This could actually be quite useful, but probably not in my case.

This is similar to the ‘How did I get here’ reality check, where you basically try to remember how you got to where you currently are. If you have no idea, then you probably ‘dreamed’ your way there. So then, if you can’t remeber being woken up by an alarm clock, then maybe you havn’t woken up yet :smile:

In my case however, I use an alarm clock to wake myself before I try WILD, which means I would probably remember being woken by my alarm whether I’m dreaming or not. Very good idea though.

Yea I can see this idea work for people.

Something similar to what you suggested did cause my most recent LD. I was frustrated and couldn’t fall asleep all night. I kept looking at the time every hour, and eventually I realized my clock was facing the wrong direction.