And the winner is... LD4all!!

Im not sure if this is the right forum for this but i just want to tell you something. Yesterday i was in the “Flash” class where they teach how to make Web pages and stuff, and the teacher was talking about these Webby awards and the site. I have never heard of that awards in my life but anyway i went to the site and all.

the purpose is to submit this site to now the question is:
to what category this site should belong to?

The Webby Awards recognizes outstanding web sites in 60+ categories. A web site may be entered into multiple categories if appropriate. Sites entered into multiple categories will be reviewed separately for each category entered. Web sites entered into more than one category may win multiple awards.

Feature Categories
Best Home/Welcome Page
Best Navigation/Structure

Among others…

I think we should enter the site, its got good navigation, a good community, good administration, an original design, and an interesting topic :smile:
So yeah, one of those categories I mentioned I guess.

You do realise this is closed now? It’s too late to enter this comp I’m afraid… and you’re going to have to wait till next year for the next one…

But, for what’s it’s worth, these are the areas LD4ALL would fit in:


Sites creating and facilitating online community, connectedness and/or communication around shared interests. These sites can target either a broad-based or niche audience.


Sites providing information and resources to improve personal health and well-being. These may include medical news sites, health information, and online diagnosis. Health includes not only medicine but also includes alternative and mental health and fitness Web sites.


Sites featuring commentary, commerce and advice on lifestyle and living topics such as gardening, home improvement, interior design, architecture, and like subjects. Sites touching on the personal side of life by providing information and resources that allow people to live on their own terms.

Religion and Spirituality

Sites focusing on the spirit or the soul, evangelizing spiritual practice, celebrating God(s) or any other divine power - traditional or otherwise. These include sites which provide information about the ritual, history and practice of all forms of spirituality, church and temple sites, online confessions, virtual prayer groups, and astrology sites as well as sites that provide a platform for direct online spiritual experience.


Sites distributing information related to scientific exploration. These include science exhibits, science museums, science organizations, science laboratories, and academic institutions.

And for ‘maybes’:


Sites promoting or marketing prescription or non-prescription drugs and medical treatment or sites providing information on pharmaceutical products.


Sites that just seem strange, offbeat or odd. This category includes sites that reflect a fresh perspective in thought and action strong enough to start a revolution, change a behavior pattern, or advance old thinking lodged in bad habits, or that are just plain weird.

Also, amongt the featured cat’s, I’d have suggested ‘Best Navigation/Structure’ and ‘Best Home/Welcome Page’.


/me slaps the webby jury :razz:

I have entered in the personal category and it wasnt nominated. Last week the nominees where announced.

It is very expensive to enter, $195 for each category, the “personal” i entered because it is a solo project and i couldt compete with giant sites. (and because it was lower entrance fee :wink: )

but when i see who got nominated I cry :razz:

ah well maybe next year. And feel free to enroll LD4all in any award program you know of :ok:

I know, well Q already entered but we can hope better luck next time! :content: