angel hitmen (and other disturbing dreams)

[size=75]this is a dream i had years ago when i was still in highschool
i bothered the hell out of me and still does to this day
it was very short and very disturbing
could be because it’s my first and only dream that i died in
here goes

i was staying at a friends house that night… sleeping on the floor
the dream took place in tht very room
an angel entered the room
he didn’t look like an angel… no wings… no halo… no harp or robes
i just “knew”… which is wierd because i never believed in such beings
anyway he told me “it’s your time”
he also said there was a catch… i had to see it happen
i’m not really sure what that meant but i found myself staring down the barrel of a handgun
he pulled the trigger… flash bang and i drop like a rock to the floor
where i start to die
very very slowly
i was going numb from the feet up
i think i woke up when it got to my chest
and i just stayed laying there staring at the cieling feeling pretty crappy

what do you think that was all about?
should it have disturbed me as much as it did?
and feel free to share your own similarly disturbing dreams

Sounds darn scary.
I think it should have disturbed you, death is pretty disturbing for most people.
Mayby u were going thru some weird, life changing time in ur life, but u had to make it happen, and u had to see
it progress before whatever was meant to change or happen occur.
Yea, i kinda had a simular kinda dying dream
I was only like 8 when I had this
But in my dream i was 20 sumthing
I had just brought these red boots.
I got home with my brother, and realised the shoes had a ticking time bomb on them.
I saw a panel counting down from 10…9…8…etc
I knew i would die, but couldnt get the boots off.
Then I saw myself die, and just end up as a pile of ashes - i was watching from above the ashes.
Then I went back into the ashes. I could hear, see, and feel everything, but couldnt communicate - i was just ashes.
Its creepy knowing ur going to die, huh.

Candy Cane Child, or Rebecca., whatever.

For some reason, I have had a lot of dreams about dying. They supposedly represent going through change, but can be quite disturbing, anyhow.

I remember one dream that I had quite a few years ago, now. I dreamed that I was going to be thrown to the lions for being a Christian. In this dream, I was perfectly calm about the fact that I was going to die. I remember thinking ‘this is really it. I am really going to die’, but I wasn’t scared.
In the morning, I went downstairs, with the dream still racing round my head. My mum turned round and looked at me and said ‘Are you alright. You look…different’. :panic:


another bizarre dream i had many years ago.

i was eating a human corpse.
just picking away at the forearm muscles.
it was decayed but not completely gone.
sort of like eating cold dry chicken.
thankfully there was no flavor to it.
but still… very disturbing.

If I die in a dream I see it in a positive way. After all how many people get to experience death and then get a second chance, and carry on living? Makes you appreciate being alive, same way a rollercoaster is exhilarating because psychologically it makes us confront the possibility of dying.

I had an extremely intense dream a few years ago that I was going to be executed by hanging. I was not scared to die but because I knew it would be excruciatingly painful. I was crying out loud in the dream. I was very shaken by this, but soon came to see it as a useful exercise in empathy.

I have not yet died in a dream, and I am not sure I want to, but perhaps now after reading other people’s opinions it seems like a more positive experience than I thought.

this reminds of a dream I had once. I was outside in this gloomy looking building, then all of a sudden this skelitons surounded me. I felt scared. then this helicopter which resembled a gunship took me away. I was the gunner and al this tanks started attaking the helicopter. I was squizing the fire trigure and I see and hear explosions with twisted corpses flying all over the place. Those skeletons started to swarm the place again. :bored:
very scary.

This reminds me of a dream I had once I was like a ghost or like uh Like in a christmas carol…You know nobody could see me and I saw a girl…about 20 years old and she had been poisoned at her college well she went to the staff on campus and they just blew her off thinking this was all an act so she Runs outside and it’s pouring down rain and suddenly I saw what she saw and it was like everything was jerking like her eyes couldn’t update what they saw very fast and she got to an elevator and pushed the button to go down under the ground when she saw a gun floating in the air(Or thought she saw it) and walked over to it when her boyfriend came and strangled her I’m still a little disturbed by this

Sounds like you have been watching too many movies. :content:

I had 2 very disturbing dreams a few years ago:

1 My father and I was moving into this mansion. We were in this small room unpacking boxes. It was completely silent, and i heard footsteps outside the room. My dad went out to investigate, and it was this skeleton that can aparently change into any form it desires. Well after my dad ran downstairs the monster followed him, and i did too. I got there just in time to see the monster turn into a chainsaw and slice my dads arm off. This mad me very angry, so i shoved a pencil up the (now a skeleton again) monsters nose.

2 Has anyone ever watched celebrity deathmatch? Its this show where they take clay figures and make them battle eachother to the death. Well in my dream i was in the audience, watching a battle. It was these two guys just released from prison (not celebritys…) and one of em was this genetically engineered killing machine. Well suddenly he started running at me, wanting to kill me. I ran out, into a store and hid behind boxes. He followed me in and i still remember the intense fear of him catching me.