Angry dream characters

I get about 60% of my LDs from sleep paralysis, sometimes I find my eyes can only open have way when I walking in the dream world or I have something over my eyes that I used as a sleep mask like a hood or a t shirt. I was able to overcome it and became lucid with time and achieved my goal of spawning a dream character and approaching them, when I said hey to them they started running at me angrily and when I tried to ask them I about it all of a sudden I couldn’t talk. It should be known I was able to spawn them because my friend in real life slammed the door to outside and I was thinking about following said dream character out the door. When my real life friend came back inside and slammed the door again it woke me up for real.

I guess I have 2 questions, how do I avoid getting focused on my real life body, and how do I avoid not being able to talk in my lucid dreams?