Anime about Lucid Dreaming?

I wasn’t so sure where to post this but I’m posting this here to be safe. If there are any anime fans that can help me with this I’d appreciate it. I’m wondering if there is an anime based on Lucid Dreaming and dreaming in general. Where the protagonist is in the dream world and they know they are dreaming and eventually their mind takes over or what ever. I know there are some anime/movies I’ve seen like and Paprika and Spirited Away, and Ghost Hound. “Which is a must watch for dreamers” but I was wondering if there are some anime based on Lucid Dreaming especially anime movies as well. Hope to get some help. Thanks. :smile:

HI Ryuke, I’m not a master of animes, (but a master of something else).
But you have mentioned the only 2 I have heard about. I didn’t place Spirited Away as LD related, I expected it to be more OBE related. I’m not sure, I haven’t watched them.

I suggest you to search the Lucidity Centerstage that has a few topics about that.

LDing TV series
Ghost Hound
Possibly others.

Yes i know one! it’s named “MAR” ! i was watching it in french but i think you can find it in english it’s a boy that left the real world for being in a kind of Dream world and he’s fighting bad people with his friends ! i was watching it when i was young :happy:

and if you like mangas you can go check out my post on this topic: … highlight=

Have nice dreams!

Damn, I remember reading a manga about OBE where the main character OBE’s everytime he is listening to a jazz tape but I can’t seem to remember the name … It was 5 years ago I think :meh: