Anime supporters !

New avvy test! go narutooo!

(was originally an avatar test… but has evolved to an anime discussion :content:)

/me slaps freedom88

/me kills narutards

/me screams: speed grapher, fullmetal alchemist and Samurai Champloo pawns y00

/me hides

/me screams: “Mechas are better”

/me runs away

/me RahXephon sucked, Fafner was ok, Evangelion was good… but they are NOT better =|

of course there are more mechs I’ve seen lol; these are from the category: Only the 14 year old boy can pilot it :happy:


  • The kid who is given command of an entire battalion
  • The sexually ambiguous general with a female-ninja-looking mech
  • The psychopath (who works for the army of course) with the HUGE mass-destruction mech
  • The dark guy with some gothic-looking mech
  • The big, strong and stupid guy with a fist-fighting mech
  • The knight with a sword-fighting mech (even if ultrapositronspacetimedisplacementbeamcannons are available)
  • The protagonist’s love interest who will get wounded even when her mech gets shot in its pinky finger
  • The gun lover, with his gun-loving mech (with infinite ammo if said guy is on the evil side, but with ammo that will run out when most needed if he’s on the good side)

/me is suprised to find two anime fans :happy:

horray for FMA too!

Well, I’m not an anime conoisseur, the above comes from my anime-game-playing. God I want a mech delivered here. NOW!

We should make an Anime-thread in the playground… though We would be the only one spamming in it (maybe Wolf too :razz: )

moved to playground
freedom88 edit your first post and change the title to something you would like :smile:


You called? :cool:

lol @ Wolf…

Anyone recommend some good anime? … I’ve just finished the FMA series :sad:

Dragonball :grin:

Well, Dragonball is endless (ie peace doesn’t last for more than a week), so if you like storylines, it’s a little tough to watch.

lol true… but i’ve seen the whole series of that too … sigh

Then why don’t you post a list of anime you’ve seen? (It feels scary writing this since “anime” in my language means “souls”) :bored:

wow did’nt know anime meant souls in… er … italien?

…but i’ve only seen a few animes…

princess mononoke
grave of the fireflies
Full Metal Alchemist
Naruto (currently still watching)
Ninja scroll
Fist of the north star (movie)
Street fighter II

er… I think thats it really… any suggestions… i’m really getting into anime now :happy:!

Oh, I like anime. Basicially my whole Japanese class at uni is totally obsessed with it, lol. I can’t say I’ve seen nearly as much of it as they have (when I say they’re obsessed, I mean OBSESSED), but I still like it.

Ones I’ve seen:

  • Almost anything by Hayao Miyazaki, who is a total genius (except Howl’s Moving Castle, which I’m dying to see because the original book was written by my favourite author, Diana Wynne Jones)
  • Perfect Blue
  • NGE (but I didn’t really like this, I couldn’t understand it)
  • Sailor Moon (when I was little and they still showed it on TV)
  • Pokemon (only a few episodes)

… I guess I prefer the movies to the TV series, really.

My suggestions to Freedom (since you asked!):

  • Everything by Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki, they’re fantastic!
  • Inuyasha. I haven’t seen the anime version of this, but the manga is brilliant. Pretty violent, though.

I’m spamming my NOW WATCHING LIST (yeah u read that right, this is not all that I have seen, but what I’m currently watching)

Tsubasa Chronicle
The Law of Ueki
Speed Grapher (Nudity and graphical violence, be warned)
Mahou sensei negima :silent: (don’t watch it, really don’t)
Eyeshield 21
Honey & Clover (GREAT)
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Also Great but in a different way then H&C)
Gun x Sword
Zettai Shonen
Okusama wa Joshikosei
Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken TV
Suzuka (If u like romance, watch this :grin:
Eien no Aseria - Aseria the Eternal
Tide-Line Blue
Amaede Naideyo/Amaede Yo/ Amaenaideyo (w/e XD)
Koi Koi Seven
Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

It used to be 25 anime at once, but I dont have that much time now :content:.


Air TV - 13 episodes (2005)
Samurai Champloo - 26 episodes (2004)
Monster - 70+ episodes (2004 - still running)
Akira - 1 movie (1988)
Honey and Clover - ??? (2005 - still running)
Shinsheiki Evangelion - 26 episodes (1995)

Notes on Air TV: It has GREAT (really, AMAZING) animation, it’s based on a hentai game… (apparently h-games in Japan have plot XD) its not ecchi, nor hentai, go see it ^^.

Wow thanks Stormthunder and Fadem … I’ve been meaning to see some stuff by Hayao Miyazaki, but just have’nt got around to it…

…and thats some watching list Fadem … wow lol… where do you get the time. Oh and my mate is lending me Air TV … yayyy and thanks for the sugestions :content:

(Oh forgot to say I watched Akira as well … Doh!)

Well, I’ve seen most of the ones freedom88 has listed on his post there.

Grave of the Fireflies - we own and it breaks my heart whenever I see it.

FMA - I love

Sailor Moon - was great w/out all the editing done for USA tv

I like Elfen Lied although it’s very graphic.

Vampire Hunter D or something like that. Very good.

Spirited Away

And thanks to Fadem I have a cool a** link.