annoing, frustrating ******* problem

since i was just a little child, about five or something i have had a problem concerning dream rage, every time i get mad, pissed off or just frustrated, every thing, my surroundings, and my dream chararters become horrible monsters, and my incredible fear of everything there is, begins. i don´t understand why, but every time i get mad, my dream becomes a nightmare, and none of my dream-rages happen in a non-lucid dream… any body else with the same problem?

Nope, makes me wonder if everytime when you are happy in your dreams or laughing, all of your dreams becomes extra nice then to?

Well for you then your dream is a perfect mirror of your mood :smile:

Are you saying that every time you felt rage you were in LD? :confused:

can’t you supress this rage? i mean… why would anyone get mad while they are lucid dreaming? :eh: lucid dreams are fun. :neutral:

And that is hard to believe that you can get angry in a lucid dream. I believe you, and I suggest looking into meditation.


I don’t understand very well. Do you mean that, when you are in a bad mood, your normal dreams are quiet, but your lucid dreams become nightmares ?
(Edited later : I must have been dreaming. :bored: Sorry. :shy: You mean that, when you are in a LD, you sometimes become angry. Strange reaction in a LD… Why do you feel angry ? Do you have the same violent reactions whilst awake ? )

Just ignore the monstors and they’ll disappear.

It seems an usual thing that, when you feel an emotion in a dream, your oniric context changes in order to match this emotion. For instance, it’s very common that if you become anxious and expect something scarry, a monster could appear.
From this point of view, your dream is very interesting, cause it confirms the illusory side of dream characters. Moreover, it shows that you can modify the looking and behavior of DCs just in modifying your inner reactions. It can be used in a positive way.

i dont get happy in my dreams, well maybe when im having sex or flying, but usually all my dreams are very skary, i dont experiance them as a skary experiance, i just consider it “normal”. it´s much like salad fingers, every thing around me is horrifiyng and skary, but i percieve it as kind, gentle and fun, but when i get lucid, i start to see how skary it really is. every dream i have, exept for when i´m flying or having sex, is very very dark, and horrifying…

and, yes my dreams are a mirror of my mood, and yes, i´ve tried to suppress my rage in dreams, but ignoring the monsters that show up, i´ve tried that too, but it doesn´t work that well, at the moment they are gone, i wake up, becouse it takes so long…

Well, then. I think that be what you are in LDs then. If you feel angry, then be so. BUT go to the DCs, or things that annoy you, or make you angry and try to talk with them. Ask from them why they make you angry, or why they are in your dream.

Always remember when having LD: YOU sleep in your bed and there is NO harm done. So the fear, and annoying things are going on in your brain only. So step boldly toward them and try to resolve why those things make you afraid and angry. It can be the start of inner healing and when you complete that you will be whole both in your RL and in your dreams (you will have less scary dreams and more nice ones).

Heh, lucid dreams gone wild

erm, back to reality. Alright, well I’ve had a few nightmares that turned into lucid dreams (but not like yours) and I have a solution that is more fun than talking to them. In the two lucid nightmares I’ve had I have confronted the monsters. In one I killed it with my bare hands and in the other there were zombies. Zombies are hard to kill, dunno why, but they are. So what I did was I stuck my hand into the ground underneath me and I imagined every single zombie that exsists will die instantly.

It worked, because the zombies surrounding me all turned to ash.

I hope I helped, even if only a little bit. Lucid nightmares could turn out to be fun.

Good luck!