another experience with a couple questions involved...

Before i woke up…i woke up into sleep paralysis or a trance I’m not too sure…anyway…i just woke up and i was hearing this noise i always here (this happens a lot) a weird loud noise…like a air conditioner…but full blast…and im rising…and it felt peaceful…but i always fight it when this happens and i never beat it…its like something is pulling me out and there’s nothing i can do…so i just decided to go along with it…well…i finally got out… (i think) and was rising and floating (i could feel it) so i try to fly back into my body but it wouldn’t work…i thought about it and it didn’t work… it was dark so i couldn’t really see where i was…but i knew i was in my room…so i open my eyes…and i see these shadows on the walls just moving back and forth…so i try to move and go walking and its extremely complicated for me to walk…its like something is holding me back…so i try my hardest to go back in my body and i finally do it…which causes me to have a false awakening…and i woke up and walked around and next thing u know this happens again and i could feel the vibrations and hear the noise, so i tried my hardest to wake up and i finally did…this has been happening for 3-4 months…same noise…same vibration…same rising…may i mention it DID start out with sleep paralysis (i woke up and couldn’t move) but it turned into me just rising out my body unnoticed… and its seriously starting to freak me out because i never know what’s happening…also i must mention i have a very bad sleep cycle…and tend to sleep for long periods because of it…anyone PLEASE answer what’s happening to me…i don’t understand what it is…whether its me waking into trance…or sleep paralysis…or even a spirit pulling me out sigh all help is seriously appreciated.

I only know one thing, i have the same sound when i am in sleep paralysis.

The easiest way to break out of it is to concentrate on moving only one part of you body, like your hand or something instead of trying to move your whole body.

Also SP is very close to dreaming, so much easier to enter a dream lucid from there.

Sigh i know how to break out of it, as i said it started out with me waking up into sp and just laying thinking of what to do(usually to ap) but now when this happens i DONT wake up in sp, i wake up and just feel my self rising pretty much from the get go, it could be sp, but i CAN move(rising), it just doesnt feel like its my pshyical body thats rising, in conclusion it kind of felt like a ethreal projection(i remember some one saying its much harder to move in this plane)…or maybe im crazy :confused:

i obiousely read totally wrong again then…

Konkeptz its a trance stage your in and there you experience a bodydouble thats all. When i go into trance and iam in between waking and sleeping i also feel myself float and yes you can even rise but its all an illusion not real…your brain is just busy making a neurological jump from waking to sleeping or visa versa and is stuck there in your case!
You could indeed do great things from this stage…try to explore more!
And use the power of suggestion to relax more and deeper and u would enter a dream fully lucid.
So the difference is konkeptz…you first woke up in sp with your body!
And now you wake up in just a bit deeper layer of the inbetween level and then you dont feel sp but you are floating lol above your body…but thats a mind trick and not real…your brain is then very close for giving you a body double projection in your dream. Your not realy floating but it just feels like that because many input of signals from arms and body and legs and back and so on is shut of so it feels like you are floating above your body but its an illusion. If you go deeper in this inbetween sleep and waking layer you would notice you can look into a dream at a third person view…a bit deeper and you are in that dream fully and lucid!.
Anyone who does a wild slow but complete will go through this stage you are now experiencing these days lol…

Good luck,

yay finally some one who under stands whats going on! do i excactly do deeper, and what can i do?(project, go to a dream, explorer it)…and what excactly is the term for this?!..btw i forgot to mention that some where in between this(i didnt mention it cuz i wasnt sure) i remember waking up and having a false awakening so im thinking it did lead to a dream

ARGH…it happened to me this morning, so i i didnt really know what to do! soooo i kept thinking “Lucid dream Lucid dream” over and over agian hoping i would go into another dream, besides that i decided to just look at whats happening. it felt like i was traveling very fast threw this vortex, it had red, orange, and mainly green in it, but i woke up and nothing else for me. :sad:

JEFF your the only one who can tell me what to do! You are the choosen One. :cool:

Ouch Konkeptz your pm was erased :sad: get to many pms at one time so some were soon erased…forgot to safe them…and i forgot about this post ouch :grin:

When i come back to night i answer this one! :happy: