Another extremely simple RC, what do you guys think?

I was chatting with a buddy and he decided to get into LD also which is nice.
But he brought up the idea of just telling your self you are dreaming through out the day. I don’t mean convince your self you are dreaming all day and become a zombie, but frequently stop what you are doing for a second and really present that statement to yourself. “Wow, I am dreaming”


I think you would have to REALLY present that statement. I mean actually believe yourself for a second.

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I think it depends on the person. On more than one occasion I’ve said the words “I’m dreaming” within a dream and not become lucid. I would think your idea would lead to doing a RC in the dream. If it feels helpful, I’d do it, and if you catch yourself saying “I’m dreaming” in a dream and not becoming lucid, then drop it.

Yea I too have had dreams where I’ve said that to myself but not become lucid. It is a good thought, yes. Unfortunately, to be able to put so much intent and meaning into a simple phrase is difficult for some. Purely because the motivation to do it so many times a day can get frustrating. It soon feels like a chore to say “I’m dreaming” but can’t be bothered to take the time to put meaning into it.
How do I know this? Me >.<

Which is why it’s always better to use this with another reality check.

I think you are exactly right about that.

I’ve read of people doing this. Supposedly everytime you say it (if you practice correctly during the day) you will be elevating your awareness and with luck if it’s a dream you will just “feel” it. This might work differently for different people and can take some time to get used to. I’ve said “I’m dreaming” in a dream before and not gotten lucid, but that was just part of the dream plot, I wasn’t actively practicing this during the day, so it’s different in my eyes.