Another First LD

Well, technically it isn’t my first. But it is my first in… 6 years I think, and this one was intentional.

Anyways, I’m really surprised it worked. I was on the forum last night, talking to my neechan (on MSN), and the topic of dreams came up. Now, my biggest frustration with dreams is that my DR is terrible. And even when I do remember, it’s something stupid, like TV shows…

Anyways, I start getting real jealous of her dream life (six nights IN A ROW she dreams about her boyfriend… I’d do anything to dream once of MY love…) so I get stressed, I really feel like yelling, but I kept it all inside. Anyways, she gets off, and I’m just completely out of the mood. At that point, I was like “there’s no way I’m going to dream, I’m WAY too stressed out…” so I hopped into bed.

Ok, maybe I can try. So I got out, did a few stretches for a minute, and hopped back into bed, with my muscles all relaxed. What I like to do is do the WILD technique for falling asleep; usually I take an hour to 2 hours to fall asleep, so why not try WILD anyways? So I start counting. All my limbs start feeling like a heavy blanket is lying on top, and my eyes were REALLY heavy. That’s not a normal feeling for me, just so you know. (I’m normal Matthew by day, Insomnia Man at night!) Anyways, I start counting my breath. And it works, for a while. I managed to stay a little focused. Until I got to 230 something and lost count…

Anyways, I eventually fell asleep. And although I’m not going to tell you the dreams (cause one was about tv shows and I woke up pretty quickly in the other one after becoming lucid), I had a ND, a FA and then a low-level LD.

Wow. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s the most active dream night I’ve EVER had. And it started off feeling so stressed. And I remembered them pretty good too (my DR is terrible), so I’m pretty proud of myself. However, the piece of paper I used as my DJ is full now, so now I’m going to need a new one.

Oh god, I just realized. I overslept my alarm clock. ><

(also, that was my third night trying)

I don’t know why I posted this. Everyone’s gotta have their first brag, and this one’s mine.

EDIT: I just found out, my alarm clock was off, but I know it was on earlier… (spoooky :razz:)

Congrats on your first LD! :boogie:

Come on! You’ve made us curious now. What did you dream about?

Sorry, I tend to do that a lot, make people interested then just stop.

But be warned, I watch a lot of cartoons…

The ND:

It was Christmas time, and there was this big warehouse full of snow and a big Christmas tree, and there were lots of gifts and things everywhere. Anyways, this villain from Codename: Kids Next Door (The Common Cold, but he had the Toilenater’s voice ><) snuck in, and he decided to steal all these presents. But instead of stealing them, he’d just bury them in the snow for later, so it looked like they were gone, but they were still there. (also, I don’t think I’m in my body. I’m watching this kinda like a movie. A lot of my dreams are like that.)

So he keeps coming back every night, and more presents ‘disappear’. Eventually it switches over to Dr. Venture from Venture Bros., and it seems that the things that keep ‘disappearing’ are his. So he sends out a hitman.

Back to the warehouse. The Common Cold comes back, but this time there’s someone else there (didn’t see him, and I don’t know if he said anything). Next thing I know is that I’m in my body, running as fast as I can cause I can hear The Common Cold screaming and begging for his life (his voice changed to Daffy Duck’s… go figure), so I just keep running…

After that it’s a scene with Dr. Venture again (a bit fuzzy, but I got to see Phantom Limbs with visible arms; the left one looked like a gorrillas :razz:). I don’t remember much about it. But that’s ok.

And I woke up (It was a FA, but I didn’t know). Immediately I’m like “I have to write my dream down!” so I got up and took the sheet of paper off my alarm clock, and was about to write it. That’s as far as I remember for the FA. I know the clock said it was 10:14, so I’m trusting my internal clock.

Yeah, I’m kinda embarrassed that I dream about things like that. Maybe too much tv? :razz:

Anyways, so later I have the LD. And it’s a common theme in a lot of my dreams. The world’s climate is dying, so there are lots of new volcanoes, and freak weather, and everything. It’s a wierd desolate dream subject.

Anyways, we decide to go to my relatives one last time (they live in Michigan; it must be getting too cold to go or something). So we start walking… it’s a bit fuzzy there. I remember that someone I knew turned into a headcrab from Half Life.

Anyways, we come to this underground abandoned train station with a few other refugee-looking people. The trains are gone, so we’re all like “NOW how do we go north?” So one of our group (some family, some friends) starts handing out jetpacks to fly down the tunnels with. One of the group takes one and flys away, another just leaves and walks back home. And here, for no reason, I realized I’m dreaming. But it’s a very low level of lucidity. I thought “Since I’m dreaming, I can just fly down these tunnels myself, right?” So I try. And I fail. (I knew I was dreaming, but I don’t think it really changed much about how I was thinking; I was still worried about going north)

So I end up just taking a jetpack. And then, everything got visually simple, and I could feel my body in my bed. I look down at my hands; I could see the dream, but all the other senses were in RL. So I tried rubbing my hands together, since I’ve heard that helps keep you in your dream, but I was rubbing my hands IRL, and I woke up.

Lol, for the second time I jumped to the alarm clock thinking “I gotta write this down!”. I didn’t even know I had a FA until I looked at the paper I used and saw it was empty.

There’s my first intentional LD. Not too interesting, but I hope to have more. Longer ones too, and more vivid. ^^

(jeez, I tend to write REALLY LONG messages ><)