Another form of LD, between DILD and WILD

This morning I had an ´instant LD´… hmm maybe that´s what I should call these.

Because it wasn´t WILD, it was´t DILD, but I was instantly lucid as soon as i was in the dream.

I drifted off to sleep, saw some HI, then it was black, a gap, and then I found myself in my livingroom, directly realizing i was dreaming.

I don´t think this is WILD, for me WILD is where I step into the HI and stay conscious the whole time. Or when I feel myself rolling out of bed and stand in my bedroom, realizing i´m dreaming.
And DILD is where I´m already in a ND and then realize I´m dreaming for some reason (for example by doing a RC or just spontaneously realize it)

Does anyone else have these ´instant LD´s ?

I think I have. I think I have probably decided to call some WILD that were like that. Possibly. I guess it’s a matter of how you experience it. What the impression is at the time.

But technically, when you have a gap. Then your consciousness is awoken by the dream. So that would make it a DILD no?

Yes, these are the only Lucid Dreams I have had. I don’t do WILD, but its kind of a DILD, but I automatically know I’m lucid without the amazing realization.


I think i’ve actually had some of these

The low level failures (lol), i woke up knowing i was dreaming.

That’s the only kind i’ve had, though i’m not sure how long i was sleeping till this dream occured, but it was aftr my WBTB, and i woke up from this dream… i think…

:confused:hrug: who knows, maybe there is a trick to it!

The thing I call WILD usually falls under this category. I rarely ever am conscient during hypnagogia.

If the defining feature is that you know that you’re dreaming as soon as the dream begins, then yes, that happened to me – even twice in a row.


I also had LD because of it.

I trought it was normal WILD, but the HI state was too short to notice it. A image changed into a dream quckly, but lucidity wasn’t changed.