Another gifted person,my gf this time.

Weve known eachother for about half a year but only recently we started to talk about lucid dreaming. Shes been interested in dreams for a long while.It all has started with semi often nightmares which pulled her interest towards decyphering mmeanings of dream symbols.Shes got quite impressive knowledge about it.Like many people she believes that some parts of them are precognitive.As we know this is a thing still deep in theories and done more for entertainment than anything else. Not so long ago we had a longer talk about lucid dreaming.I knew she might make a perfect lder from the beginning cuz of her talents in dream incubation and wild visualisation skills.So she has all the basics well grounded- her recall is perfect without any excercises.Shes just used remembering.Also - whatever shes imaginating before sleep ,she gets later in the dream. Anyways i explained to her simple basics of lucid dreaming- about reality checks and keeping in mind her visualization level,i adviced Pedros Vild- to induce the dream about reality check(putting her finger through other hands palm).
hehe of course she did it in first shot.Soon she started dreaming about above and turned lucid.A lot of her first time ld she spent on putting her finger through any objects out there- walls,glass,wood-just to see how it feels like.Then she wanted to change the location and she wished for it.It wasnt councious choice-she just wished for a change and her mind took her to hospital( shes a surgeon wannabe,loves blood,bones and all that yak stuff)Then she wanted to try her surgicall skills on someone but the place was empty.hehe so she started doing it for herself-lol,she took her guts out to see them,to feel them …and all that kind of knowledge.heh,thats definately not something i want from my lucids but theres a definition of fun different for everyone:)
Her ld lasted about 20-30 mins till the phone did wake her up.Very nice stability.
Im writing it all because im both- bit frustrated seeing another other person doin it far better than me but also happy that i got to know a good lder in real life,especially in my private one.Now i feel connected even more:)
Anyways- taking it all into consideration we have decided to give shared dreaming a go.I believe that we have most basic requirements met- shes got amazing ease to have lds,i can support it with some knowledge i gained here for over 2 yrs,we are psychically and phisically connected.
Her (our) first targets to get lucid and find me in this dream.We just wanna see if i can somehow relate to it in my dreams,remember her being by my side etc,etc.Compare our dreams about eachother.
If this works on satisfactory level we will try “waking me up” in a dream in order to make me lucid.
Hehe and of course theres lots of astral sex planned then too:)Wish me luck,if we have it there might be "Encyclopedia of Astral Sex"out soon in bookstores:)
Just wanted to share it with you.Id like some feedback from people who had some success in shared dreaming-about the odds and pros on their way.
Its all really hard to believe or prove but i guess that what im trying to do here would be supportive to what i started with Ureon in “What do you want us to do” topic.And even if its not provable,for me its enough if experienced.

Take care:)

Im actually trying to get her here to the forum but shes afraid that her english skill might be not enough to understand it all,not mentioning posting.
I just hope she will come and at least say hi to you and maybe comment somehow on the topic.

lol encyclopedia

keep your recall at its best jack so you don’t miss it when it does happen. I’m sure I must have had little shared parts with other girls, none I can verify now or that they remember :sad: try to WILD together! Averaging the time to wild is quite good, I’m steady at 1 hour, and time it so it happens simultaneous. I’ll keep my eyes :eek: to see your progress. good luck man!!!

wow, that’s very interesting jack… i just started sharing stuff with my significant other about lucid dreaming. i showed some LD faqs and EWLD. we’ll see how it turns out, good luck with that dude! i’ll be checking back on that encyclopedia :smile: