Another Idea!

Another thought i had was if i had a big test and i want to study can i materialize my notebook in a LD…

I just thought that would be really useful if it was possible

Try it and let us know if it works (in theory, it should be possible).

I expect you could materialise the pages you’ve looked at the most. It might be hard to keep your concentration in a dream as things are more jumbled up. I’ve dreamt of driving a car (I’m learning to drive in RL)but I soon start to expect the worst and then something goes wrong straight away :tongue:

I would have thought that you could materialise the content of your notebook into your subconscious, but that you would not be able to actually read the pages as such. More like ‘knowing’ what is written on the pages and being able to absorb or review this information rather than actually having to read it. Kind of like Clairvoyance or remote viewing? (once again, I apologise for my metaphysical analogy!)

I’m not sure if you learn much while sleeping. I guess it couldnt hurt though.

Psychological research suggests that we do indeed retain more information from the day if we have had a well rested night of sleep, as opposed to having a restless or interrupted night of sleep. The theory is that REM sleep helps to reinforce the neural connections that we have created or used during the day, thereby enhancing recall ability and affecting your memory throughout the following day.
I can’t quote the source of the study which was performed to assess certain mnemonic and memory tasks at the moment, but am happy to provide on request.

You can ‘learn’ while you sleep, but only in such a way that you learn during the day and then remind yourself what you learned during an LD. Its impossible to learn, like reading a textbook, otherwise, because how could you know what your textbook says without actually having read it? :happy:

It goes without saying that you can’t know information you don’t know. However, it should be said that your brain is capable of storing latent information that may be recalled - in effect information that you didn’t know you know. Had you flicked through your text book and had a quick glance at every page, it’s entirely possible (though by no means proven) that your brain may have stored large chunks of this information in your subconscious. This is certainly a workable hypothesis, and one that’s worthy of testing. Give it a trial run and let us know what the results are!

There are many books on Speed Reading or Photo Reading. I don’t know how well these techniques work, i haven’t tried them myself, but it is possible that once you get the information from your notebook into your unconscious (through photoreading) you can later access it during a LD.