another life

Hello , gentlemen and ladies , have someone has dream experiences as the next one ?

Means that you go to sleep at night and when you are fully in dreams , you feel and , in the same time , know , if you want , you can in a dream , but only your fear stopped you . I don 't speak about LD , BUT about a real wake up , like in real life , when you wake up , in the morning ?

I have some trouble understanding what you mean. It is a LD when you know you are dreaming.

There is a member in chat who speaks the same language as you. If you have a copy of this post in your native language, I could show this to him if it is ok for you? :cool:

Not only Common LD , but an 1000x real LD . In a LD , you know that is a LD , BUT , when you don’t have any reference ?

Yes, but I don’t have fear stopping me. If I just know it’s a dream, without a reference, it becomes an LD anyway and I can shift the activity to whatever I want.

It’s more like an epiphany, yes? In waking life, if someone says something that makes me think, “Oh, no! I have been hurting his feelings all this time!” or “That’s right, I have been a coward about this.” It’s the same with a spontaneous LD. Something happens, or I start thinking, and naturally come to the epiphany: “I have been dreaming all this time.”