Another question.....

I was just wondering how clear a LD is. Is it like real life, or like a water color painting like my friend says. Also I hear the more vivid and creative you are the better clearity in LDs is. I’m an artist and I draw quite frequently and most dreams i write down in my journal last 4+ pages (that vivid) So how will LDs turn out ofr me?

The thing about lds and why they are so hard to get is that they usually just not different that reality…it is so real that even doing all the weirdest stuff you dont get the feeling"im dreaming".
And i believe its same to everyone,just taking place in strange locations…but if u asking bout the vision…its perfect…just sometimes after u wake up u feel they were blurry…but its just a question of recall i believe.

I’ve only had one lucid dream and it wasn’t a lucid dream, just a moment, about 5 seconds or so. Everything looks extremely real. Just like real life but the difference is that everything shines out at you. Everything is crisp and clean, at least in my experience.