Another WILD feeling, a few questions

If you are the one who read about my other WILD experence HERE, I actully recalled the almost exact feeling tonight and I have some questions. Let me drive you through what happened.

So, it was quite late and I had plugged in my CD player to the main circuit and had a few earplugs as well. The same day I had burnt the CD with the sound file of 15 minute relaxation, the person talking about what to do to feel relaxed. Then, suddenly, I got the exact same feeling as last time. The “lose consioness of feeling of your own body, start feeling floating and twirling around in your bed” sort of feeling. I was still listening, and I was not laying down, I had my back against the pillow. So I still listen to the CD while feeling this sort of twirling feeling (see the link above). It continues until the CD ends, about 10 minutes later. I feel very relaxed.

When the CD ends, I decide to see if I’m caught by sleep paralysis. It seems as if it is the start to it, because as I try to sloooowly open my hands it feels as if they were rusty; I can open them but it feels as if they are really… well… rusty. I move my legs a bit, about the same feeling about them. I then lay down and start to sleep.

My questions are; what was the rusty feeling when I opened my hand? Was it a beginning to sleep paralysis? Was this a start to WILD? Was this a good or bad thing? Can you tell me the whereabouts what exactly happened? Have you had the same experience?

Thanks for any answers.


I’ve had this experience before. Yes, I think it’s the beginning to sleep paralysis and if so, yes again, it was the start to a WILD. I’m about 80% sure of this, so hopefully someone will confirm me.

I am almost positive that this is the beginning stage of sleep paralysis, and if you stay in this position for a bit, you should get electrical vibrations going up and down your body. Even though I don’t, a majority of WILDers experience it. I believe this is how WILD is felt at the beginning.