:baaa: the last couple of nights i ve had dreams envolving the mention of lucid and one dream i remember i layed out 3 rules to become lucid but not once did i become lucid. Just this morning i dreamed i was awake and i did my usual routine i even looked at the clock and it didnt seem strange

anyway my question is how do i realise im dreaming from talking about lds in my dream because it must be easier as its so close. :yinyang:

(Now it seems every dream i have i mention something to do with lds) :eh:

That´s good, it shows that your mind has picked up the idea of lucid dreaming.
Just do a reality check everytime you start talking to someone about LDs in RL.If you don´t do this that often, you probably should also do RCs when you read something about dreaming,


I don’t generally have this problem. So far, whenever I’ve thought about performing a RC, I’ve realised I was dreaming without even having to do it (the RC). I’d just recommend being a bit more thorough in your checks (maybe double-checking if you’re not sure), and performing RCs regularly in RL, if you don’t already.

I would just add that it is a good idea to perform more than one RC whenever you do it. Some of them aren’t fail-proof - your mind may try and find a way to “rationalize” odd phenomenon. :alien:

ok , thanks for all ur help on that problem but ive got another problem which can still be in the same catagory

here goes, i think it was about 5 days ago i startd doing more regular rcs involving my watch and just 2 nights ago i had a dream where i was setting my watch and it all seemed normal because the numbes never looked wierd and they never changed so what can i do if that method of rc doesnt work as it seemed to be real

Make sure you look at the watch and then look away a few times. If that doesn’t work, you can try any of the other RCs: flying, jumping to see if gravity is normal, look at yourself in the mirror, look at your hands, read some text twice, etc. Just experiment and find which RC works best for you. :wink:

I usually check the clock 3 times, and count the fingers on my hands. I do both because once I’m like ‘wow, I didn’t know I had 7 fingers’ when I did an RC… soooo annoying! Better play it safe and do a couple because it sounds like you’re really close! :smile: