Any fellow ld4all'ers familiar with the Unexplainable Store?

So, incase you don’t know what the Unexaplainable store is, it’s a website that sells downloadable binaural beats that give you resulsts to things like lucid dreaming, astral projection, telepathy, meditation etc. They claim that their products are guaranteed and no practice is required. They also mentioned that they have an 8 week money back return fund, so I decided to try. :spinning: I purchased one of the more effective beats for lucid dreaming, and it didn’t really work. Actually, it didn’t work at all. Now don’t call me dumb! :uh: I just couldn’t resist from the “100% Guaranteed Resulsts & No Extensive Practice Required!” statements. It just hasn’t done what it says it should at all, but the thing is that quite a few people who posted their reviews about the same beats said it worked like a charm for them, or that it gives them many lucid dreams and is their favorite lucid dreaming suppliment. Is something wrong with me? ): I was wondering if any of you here have tried it, and if so what are your resulsts and opinion?