any good songs?

well i recently had a dream where i was hearing very good songs being played, they havent been made yet and i think that i have just stumbeled upon a gold mine of great songs that could be written, i think i already figured out how to play one of em’ :grin:

That’s so awesome! I’d like to think my DR is pretty good, but I always seem to forget dream music, almost as I hear it :tongue:

we all have-heard great songs in LDs, that is
I remember a couple of amazing songs in my dreams-too bad I dont remember them.
And since you can play your song, care to share it with the rest of us?
One more thing- I have a theory that you have a certain style of music that you like, and your SC makes a song that it most to your liking; it is perfect for you

hmmm…rubiks that is a great theory, and i wish i could share it its just my video camera’s cord that hooks it to the computer got lost.