Any guitarists here?

i’m a guitarist, and was wondering if anybody else here is. what guitars and amps do you have? how long have you been playing? what are your influences?

i love guitars!
been playing for…6…or 7 years i think…

i use Ibanez jem>Mesa Quad pre>Peavey 50/50
i sing and play guitar in my band
i’m also playing bass in another band on the side

Influences: Steve Vai, Muse, Tool,Dave matthews band, metallica, SOAD, Steve Vai, Muse and…err…Steve Vai!!!

you’re a Vai fan!!?? Awesome! he’s my biggest influence!

my gear: Music Man John Petrucci>Carvin MTS3200>Legacy 2x12 Cab

i’m trying to put together a band right now…

Fender Start > Marshall G15R CD > and a Johnson Acoustic. I’ve been playing for about 4-5 years. I don’t have the best equipment, but i’m very good :cool:

that’s really cool man. i have a Fender MIM strat, and it is really great

I play around on guitar, but I’m not good enough to compare with true guitarists. I just play whatever people are willing to teach. ^.^

i accually started like a year ago, but i havent practiced at all… i have some crappy ibeniz electric and a pretty good amp i guess… umm dont really have any influences seeing how i really suck, but i do really like Metallica and System of a Down…

I got my first guitar 6 years ago. It’s a squire strat by fender. I never practised or played enough especially for the last 2 years. My hands aren’t really strong enough. I find keyboard easier which I’ve played for longer. I played guitar more when I was doing a music course at college. That was fun.

ibanez rg series, i have been playing for about 4 years, i play mostly metal from the old days when music was worth listening to.

It’s what I do all day.
I have three guitars, ESP, Jackson, and Fender. I’ve been playing for about two years. My influences are everything and anything rock.

I’ve been kinda-sorta playing guitar for about a year now… I’m not very good but I’m learning :slight_smile: I’ve got a 3/4 size Fender Squier acoustic (a Christmas gift from… 2 years ago I think!) and a Fender Squier electric, cream-yellow and white (it’s left-handed 'cause it was my uncle’s, but I’m not left-handed so I string it backwards…) My two “guitar gods” are The Edge from U2 and Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and now Audioslave. I have other influences from the many, many bands I like.

i play guitar. It’s a Jackson - not sure what the amp is lol but it was free.

my influences? I would really have to say my mood, i like pretty much everything but what i play/write depends on my mood.

i have an epiphone les paul, and a peavey amp… i’ve been playing a little over a year and a half.

my influences would be: george harrison, jimmy page, jimmi hendrix, jade puget, greg ginn, east bay ray, randy rhoads, pete townshend, robbie creagor, lars frederickson… the list goes on but these are some off the top of my head.

heeeey i have a strat & this 40 watt traynor(horkville lol) amp…iv been playing for around 4 years. Me and my 2 good friends just started a nirvana’ish band (fun:D lol). My influences are greenday,offspring, santana, the doors…the beatles .for acoustic stuff i like john lennon…i’ve been messing with everyone at my school pretending that i am him…very long story lol. My drummer friend’s pretending to be kurt cobain…yea we’re a couple messed up kids :help: :tongue: :grin: lol

Guitar is great!!

I have a Les Paul…(epiphone :sad: )

I also have a marshall combo…

I am in a metal band.

Influences are: Dimebag, Zakk Wylde, Kirk, Randy Rhoades

they arent really influences , :beer:

I don’t play guitar. I play bass. my ebony love slave, coffee, is a 78’ kramer, aluminium neck, three peace body, active alembic pickups (p and j) :eek: orgasim!! I love it! nothing can funk like a kramer. also got an Ibanez Xseries, an ibanez 6-string, and my first bass which is a short scale cruiser that i got in fourth grade(yeah aside from that i’ve never heard of cruiser either). I have a squire but i just started playing guitar so right now i stick to power chord on it. but its got a floyd rose that i’m itching to learn to use.
I’ve been playing for about 6 or 7 years. main influences: cliff burten (metallica), dream theater, bootsy collins, victor wooten, toadies for some reason :smile: , funk has influenced me alot. as well as metal, rock, punk, i guess just about everything really.
Its good to know other musicians visit here. Don’t know why its good to know but it is.

My influences are : Doug Martsch, John Frusciante, Mike Einziger, eh… that’s all I can think of now.

I started playing a few weeks ago.
I bought a crate beginners package.

I have a crate amp and a crate guitar

I started playing guitar i think somewhere on my birthday January when i got a Fender Squire Strato (it seems im not the only one w/ one of these lol), but i havent really been playing it much :shy: LOL

I took like 4 years of piano lessons back when i was younger, stopped at around 12? (now 18) We just got our grandparents piano (they moved and didnt want to bring it w/ them) and so i started playing that again, LOL its like riding a bike i guess. I got halfway to where i left off in like 2 hours. A week since and now im obsessed. LOL if only i had that back in the day. Ah well now i got it and so im into keyboard. :tongue:

Good thing my youngest bro is obsessed with the guitar.

2 years
agile lp2500
marshall mg100dfx
jackson dkmgt
yamaha pacifica
digitech rpx400
teese rmc3 (great wah pedal, but man why i did i buy it? so expensive $285)
as you can see i waste money on lousy gear (the rpx was a christmas present unfortunately, and recently my mom threw away the box so i have no hope of selling it on ebay)

So I mean, agiles are fantastic for the price, and beat epiphones, or so I’ve heard… but… my mg100… meh… i should’ve gone for an avt50 or a dsl401 or something… and well… the jackson? It’s okay, if i put new pickups in it maybe… yamaha is junk… my first guitar though. ← cheap good quality gear… a bit rusty on the worksmanship though, some chipping paint on the insides… but… you know… it beats paying 10 times that for a Gibson. or 2 times that for an epiphone They are quite good.

I suck at guitar though, I don’t practice enough.

My influences are Tool… and sort of Metallica, but I’m not good enough to play most metallica, too fast… and alternate PM picking on an LP is hard the way I angle my hand. (i know hetfield does all down picking)

That’s about it I guess. if anyone cares, this is pretty cool
it’s the first song on Kill Bill… I’m pleased with the tone… though today I played it again and it sounded horrible, same settings… go figure.

I don’t really have any original music, as I’m lazy and self critical… but… I like that clip a lot for some reason.