Any ideas on how to induce a shared dream?

I wanna know if this is possible with any methods or if it’s totally random. Also, is anyone willing to share a dream with me? Just say a date and time.

I would have loved to have a shared dream with you but it takes a lot of skill to do it with a person you don’t know very well

You might and probably do share a lot of your dreams with other beings, but you are simply probably not aware of it.

first and foremost, the one thing you should really integrate into your mind in order to have successful SD’s is that you are already sharing your dreams with all that is. So to have a consciously SD with someone you know, you just have to be aware and track down his identity in the dream state.

To consciously share a dream with someone you know, you can do a lot of things.

One thing that worked for me was sleeping with someone (while touching each other) and each 100% concentrating on the other person’s identity.
if you manage to integrate into your subconscious mind that target of focus, you will probably find yourself in a dream with that entity.
if you are both concentrating well, you should experience a completely conscious shared dream as you will both find yourselves in a dream with each other, aware of one another.

If you are capable of easily achieving lucidity and you have another friend with this skill, you just might decide to meet in a dream and while being lucid, focus on each other.

if you are lucid in a dream, and you want to share a dream with someone, know that he is there, and then in a relaxed and calm state of mind, begin looking for him, not with your eyes, but with your feelings. Maybe close your eyes, and just sense where he is, feel him coming closer to you.

In any case, while going to sleep trying to consciously share a dream with someone, concentrate on being aware of his presence when you enter the dream state. Do not ask or wish to be aware, DECIDE that you will be aware of his presence when you’re there.

Hope this helps and I wish you many SD’s

Find your own way to do it, be creative, you know how and what works for you.

Hmm, very interesting.
But how would you know if it really was another person, and not part of your dream?

And a breif summary…
So all you really must do is probe your dream for their conciousness?
try to track them down…feel their mind?
When you see them in the dream, is it really them? or just another DC?

Im always up for shared dreaming. I will think about what you have asked and see wht I can put together


Thanks for the advice! I may try to connect to someone in my next time.


When you fall asleep, your physical sensors are shut down and as you start dreaming, your mind actually projects a movie on the astral. You are in the astral, but alone, so the whole thing is your own creation. That is theoretically…
Many times in a dream, someone we know contact us, and lots of times we are sharing the dream with other intelligences without us realizing it.

You are in the astral dimension (frequency range) in a dream.
You are sharing that dimension with everything else on it at that time, just like you share the physical one.
The difference is that traveling in the astral is very different from in the physical.
You can travel to someone just by concentrating about it.

If you see a friend of yours, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is him, you could be creating him. And on the other hand, you could see your friend while he was looking like a chicken or a tree and not even realize it…

Its a much more flexible environment.

Experiment with it.

With practice and perseverance, you will get more and more accustomed to it, which will allow you, gradually, to have better and better conscious control of your travel in that area and your perception.

Hope this helps

i would start talking to them in your mind ,

like “hey, dude, are you here?”
wait and see if they say something

keep talking, tell them things

see if you can find their stream of thought that is responding,
and then that will cause you two to find each other in a mutual environment.

Ok, I see now.
I think that may be something I could try.
All I need is an LD first! XD

go for it :smile:


I like this way of thinking, could definitely work.

At the end,
you have to experiment and try different things to see what works for you.

i got the idea because I was in a LD once and my friend started talking to me but she wasn’t anywhere physically in my dream

it annoyed me and i threw an ice cream lid at her because i was in a grocery store

eventually she materialized,

and i do believe it was a legitimate SD