any ideas?

right im struggling to find an RC which fits to me. Is it normaly good to look at your dreams and try and make an RC to fit the general trends of what i dream? :help: :help: :help:

What RCs have you tried?

The general favourite around here is to pinch the end of your nose shut, so you shouldn’t be able to breathe. If you CAN breathe, then you are dreaming. However, there have been a few people you have said that that doesn’t work for them.

There are quite a few, but keep in mind, the best one are the ones that:
Don’t get noticed
Don’t take long
Actually work…

well yes i was doing that one but i forget todo it, so i need something to remind me.

i think i may also try and do RC’s when ever i see anything violent as alot of my dreams a violent based as i play alot of games, so if i did an RC everytime i saw the violence on the game. I might do one when i see the violence in my dreams.

Take an RC whenever ANYTHINg seems even slightly weird. It’s what I do :cool:.

Or you could write in your hand a letter, and everytime you look to that letter, do a reality check. This works for me :smile:

You mean on your hand, right?

I doubt I’d do that. I feel weird walking around with somethign on my hand… :eh:

I just put a line on my finger with black ink. Nobody realy notices it but me and when I do I do a reality check. I end up doing reality checks all the time. If i dont do that i forget to do them all the time.

Read about reality checks at the wikibook, my second link, Induction Techniques, Reality Checks. :smile: