Any "Magic: The Gathering" players here?

I just recently got into it, so I was just wondering.

Could you explaine that game to me? Ive been thinging about getting into it myself.

It’s a really good game, it involved using cards to represent a duel between two wizards, it’s a game of strategy.

I’ve sorta gone into a MTG lull, but I really want to get back into it.

Hell yes!

I love Magic… (you might say I’m addicted) Been playing since Nemesis (Masques block).
I even run a university play group here in Madison, Wisconsin. We just had a Ravnica draft last night in fact.

Btw, you picked a good time to start playing; Ravnica is AMAZING & leagues ahead of Kamigawa block (although Kami block was decent too).

I havn’t tried Ravinica yet, I was planning on restarting playing at the pre release but I missed it

yes, me and my friends regulary played it at school ,while school is finished, every friday night (generally) we will go the a cardshop nearby which has a draft night (baiscly you get 3 boosters per player, you open 1 pack take 1 card then pass the rest on and repeat the process to there are no more cards to give then repeat the same process for the other 2 boosters)

in any case its fun

I’m not really into it but whoever does the artwork on those cards is good. With that said I must also say they make good throwing cards. Made quite a hit when my friend threw one of them at me and with hair like mine… :cool:

Ravnica, IMO, is way over-powered.

For example: A 7/7 flyer w/ trample, for 2 black mana…

I was a hardcore player.

Been playing since Arabian Nights back in like 94. I own some of the p9(Ancestral Recal x2 and a Mox Emerald). I used to LOVE playing magic in tourneys and what not but my last tournament I entered was in Onslaught block. When the Odyssey block cycled out I quit playing at a tournament level. I was great but never got to states… meh.

I collected all the way up to Mirrodin block… I quit when Darksteel was released. My last boosterpack I ever bought was of Fifth Dawn. I loved playing casually though with people who used the mirrodin block… I always made artifact hate decks and pissed people off, lol.

After seeing Ravinca I’m seriously considering getting back into magic.

Right now, I only play magic with my close friends(about 12 of us). My favorite deck is my 10 land stompy deck. It involves 1 mana spells. (Rancor, Giant Growth, Berserk) It’s funny. I once had a 300/20 creature… in a casual game… lol.