any one ever create a black hole or a "dead zone"?

i think that would be fun

You must’ve been reading my mind-I was talking about this today at school.

I think it would be cool but very unpredictable if you look closely at it.
Also it would be different for everyone because everyone has a different interpretation of what happens when you go into a black hole (for fun). It would only be a correct view of a black hole if you knew all of the physics behind it:
e.g. Hawking radiation from the black hole actually makes the black hole look a little grey -if you don’t believe me, search for hawking radiation on yahoo or somewhere.

yeah i know about the hawking radation stuff but my black holes would have one simple law behind it suck every thing in but me

Well, long ago I have post a topic about finding blackholes during an OBE. I thouht that would be more fun than an LD because people said that OBEs are more vivid and real than LDs. I’ve study a little about blackholes, if you wish to know something about blackholes, maybe I can help to make your Blackholes LD more realistic :cool:

when u step in to the black hole, try not to think about the high gravity the black hole holds (the gravity will destroy u, you wil be nothing) maybe you should where some kind of special suite for this event. just a thougth.

btw. I saw on discovery that a black hole is nothing bigger than a tennisball, but has enought power to destroy a star. (mayby u should use a device)

Hi,cool thread

If i create a black hole in one of my dreams i really want to get sucked in.How would it feel like to be one single point without time or something…?
Wow,i have to add this on the list in my mind “What i want to do when lucid” :smile:


Oh yeah. I create blackholes in my dreams quite a bit. If one of my Desu Kai je Natta le Hokuten attacks miss…it usually creates one. I just jump in have a blast having my atoms strewn across the universe. Whether this really happens or not I don’t care. Hey it’s real to me :cool:

It would great to create a black hole. Astronomy is one of my interests in waking life…id love to carry it over into Ld’s.

I doubt we could create a black hole to our current physics understanding of how it functions. I still think there are other, yet to be discovered, physics making a black hole what it is…alex was saying the right thing

But still fun to get something similar. :wink:

BTW Alex, what school you go to in Melbourne? im at Mt. Waverley

I go to Westbourne Grammar, it’s in Hopper’s Crossing.

Just another bit of info about black holes: (i did a bit of astronomy at uni):

black holes have what they call an event horizon. Once you have fallen past the event horizon, it is impossible to escape because not even light can escape. The interesting thing is that beyond an event horizon space and time is so warped that the laws of physics do not hold anymore. There is really no way of knowing what goes on inside a black hole - we will never know - you can only imagine what goes on. It would be very interesting to see what your dreaming brain comes up with.

ceavou: mt waverly? No shit?? I went there for 2 years (it was a while ago though - 6 years i think). Its a small world… and this site is in Holland…(my parents happen to be dutch)…very bizarre.

MightyAmoeba, a small world indeed