Any Pokemon Fans? :D

I’m curious which of you here are also into pokemon, like i am :smile: Maybe we could talk about the games or the anime or best yet; Pokemon related dreams! :happy:

Pokemon is really special to me. Having a major crush on my favorite gym (korrina from the kalos games/series) makes it even more so.

And i’ve owned several pokemn forums too :smile: A lot of my old ones were deleted, though. And i’d rather not post my newest one publicly (it was trolled. badly. said trolls may of been homophobes, likely…why don’t trolls get lives outside making others upset?)

I also hang out on forum and have lots of friends on there too and my name there is TrioxHydre :smile:

I wanna dream of korrina more hopefully like dating her or something >///< haha…orrr snuggling her…hahaha me and my fictional krushes :3 i am such a fangirl type

Did someone say… Pokemon?

/me spins his cap around.

I don’t think I’m as big a fan as you though! Not sure I could have a crush on any pokemon character, but then again… Steven is pretty hot stuff, especially in ORAS.
I’m more of a breeding type. I tend to make grea pokemon but don’t battle with them because I lack battle sense! :happy:
So mostly I win competitions, (in game I mean haha) complete dexes, OH and literally never get shinies.

Not sure what else to say right now but in summary, I love Hoenn (as you may have guessed)
Favourite starter: Cyndaquil
Favourite pokemon: Scizor
Favourite legendary: Lugia

I used to play the original Pokemon (Red) back in 1999-2000. I lived with a 4 year old who was into collecting Pokemon cards and watching the anime, but found out that it was actually a decent RPG. I like the hunting and collecting aspect of it. Now I play Pokemon Go because it complements Ingress.


Oh, yes, Pokemon related dreams. I had a few, especially since Pokemon Go. Most have involved getting my pokeballs lost or stolen.

Hello, I guess you could say that I, Mew151, am indeed a fan of Pokemon! Time to ramble on about it.

I love pokemon, but I actually didn’t get into it until late into Generation III! From there I went back to play the older games while waiting for the Generation IV games to come out. But man, Pokemon is great. For a while it was definitely one of the only RPG’s I wouldn’t lose interest in! I didn’t actually end up playing Pokemon X/Y though, mainly because I didn’t have a 3DS when they came out and I just skipped straight to Pokemon Moon! I still haven’t beaten Moon since I thought I’d play it in another language I’m studying, and… well, progress is slow. :tongue:

The Pokemon anime has a special place in my heart. I stopped watching regularly some time into Generation IV… and well, haven’t really watched at all since… But I really enjoyed it while I watched! The Pokemon movies are all just incredible! They really feel like some kind of big “event” every time you watch one. And they have pretty high production value… they just feel like really big adventures every time!

One other thing to note is that parts of the original Japanese dub of the anime are also nostalgic to me. I feel like I know the Japanese anime songs up till the end of Gen IV better than the English ones, so the Japanese music is way more nostalgic to me than the English music (Remember, I didn’t get into Pokemon until Gen III, so even though “I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST” is burnt into my soul forever, it isn’t that nostalgic to me since it was already “old” by then. :tongue:). Songs like this and this and DEAR GOD THIS are all very nostalgic to me. That last one can literally make me cry. :touched:

Favorite Pokemon: Mew (Of course :tongue:)
Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon: Oddish
Favorite Starter: Right now I really like Popplio, although I know it as アシマリ :tongue:

…I have wondered if i’m one of the biggest pokemon fans i know (ESPECIALly with my crush/possable idolization? on Korrina now which IS pretty intense btw if you knew me better you’d know i like talk about her all the time and i have a whole forum about her lololol >.<;; i like her role in the anime too…unbeatable sunglasses wearing trainer with a lucario :U yep).

However, my friend, Chikorita/Melanie/Rainbow Starlight might be huger. She has tons of pokemon plushies and replays the rpgs over and over. So yeah.

And yeah it would make sense if i ‘look up to’ korrina AS WELL as ‘crush’ on her, as we’re both female. Then again, i seemed to ‘look up to’ some of my MALE crushes (not riku, as much, though?), too, so its hard to say with me. I do feel i’m ‘finding myself’ more through Korrina, though; so that says umn. something? Thats something I struggled with for years so yeah. Also, its funny i’d look up to males in the past, as i have always been a girly girl XD Though…Interactions with others have made me wanna be a tomboy more, i guess >.<;; with the autism and lack of understanding of others. I’m glad i’m looking up to A GIRL now. Tomboyish, yes, but still a girl and dresses in a dress at least and wear’s her hair long yep :U

My favorite pokemon? Hmn, right now, it seems to be Sylveon/Lucario/Mega Lucario/Pikachu/Mew. Yep. And yeah of course Lucario and Mega Lucario would be in there eye roll lol

I wanna snuggle korrina in my dreams tonight ARCEUS please grant this wish >.<;; Or Jirachi. I duno lol

EDIT: WOW, Mew151! I got into pokemon around gen 3 too XD I tried not to like it as a kid to impress my parents and stuff xP A sign of how insecure I can be…haha. My mom told me she was not impressed (and that i was so quiet about it she didn’t even KNOW i disliked pokemon o.o). My dad? Who know’s; He was a sadist pretty much anyways :meh: (don’t worry he doesn’t live with us anymore. my mom devorced him years ago lol)

EDIT2: Oh and my favorite starters are chikorita and pikachu (pikachu’s a starter in pokemon yellow version, btw. the ONLY starter, really :razz:) :smile:

crawls out from the pits of darkness at the mention of pokemon

I was actually a really late bloomer when it came to pokemon, I didn’t start playing the hanheld games until Gen IV and that was Soul Silver. I had watched the cartoon quite a bit and figured it was time little 11-12 year old Koco gave it a shot. I had never played TGC and still haven’t despite my massive pokemon card collection a kid several years younger gave to me when I was about 13-14. Even then I didn’t start playing it seriously until I was much older and I got Pokemon X. Now I have Sapphire, Soul Silver, White, Platinum, X, Alpha Sapphire, and Moon (though I haven’t played Moon much because of work and school and I honestly got kind of bored).

In terms of a favorite pokemon, it’s probably Vikavolt (funny since I stopped playing Moon before I got one lmao) and favorite Gen is probably III in terms of pokemon design and II in terms of story. II and III have always held special places in my heart because I was always a huge fan of the Unown and Jirachi movies (much to my chagrin when I discovered that Unown are actually weak pokemon haha). I was definitely one of the first to jump onto the Gen V hate bandwagon due to the “blandness” of the pokemon designs (Cogs and Icecream anyone???) but since then has come to respect it’s ideas and story as somewhat of a deconstruction of the idea that a bunch of kids maybe shouldn’t be fighting a bunch of animals against each other as a national sport.

Basically yes I am a pokemon fan and I could go on about it for days lmao :content:

The above post sounds so much like me…XD I wasn’t a pokemon fan till age 11. I grew up as a total girly girl, too, so it’s a little strange I hanged onto pokemon after all these years (i’m 26 now) i guess. But Pokemon will always stay special to me; no matter what anyone tries to tell me about what is ‘required’ to be a pokemon fan in the end :smile: xD

On the topic of gen V, it’s neat that they had villains that parody peta in the series (and work’s just so well imo). Also, I really related to N. I didn’t have a major crush on him like I do on korrina, though. But his innocent views of the world and general lack of life experiences remind me of myself. A lot. He’s also highly intelligent too.

I’m a pokémon fan too! I started playing the Blue version around year 2000 (Pokémon gained fame kind of slowly in Sweden), but Gen2 will forever be my favorite pokémon games. Watched the anime when I was young, too. As a teenager, I even cosplayed Jessie.

I have Pokémon Sun, and played it quite a lot during this winter when I was down with the flu. But when I got better I had so much work to catch up with, and I kind of forgot about Pokémon. Now, I’m not really sure what I was doing in the game. :meh:

I’ve had quite a lot of Pokémon-influenced dreams over the years. When I was younger and watched the anime regularly, I sometimes dreamt that I was Ash or Jessie, but in real life (the dream didn’t look cartoony). Later, those dreams have stopped, instead I dream now and then about starting a new Pokémon game on my DS. Sometimes it’s a new main game in the franchise, so I choose a starter and so on. Sometimes, it’s a kind of spin-off game or crossover. For instance, I think I once dreamt that I was playing a crossover between Pokémon and Legend of Zelda.

Ahh, yes, i’ve had many pokemon related dreams, too! Can’t say i really watched pokemon when i was ‘young’ (i got into it at age 11), though. I think I still have pokemon dreams to this day, pretty often, too, 'cuz I recall Flabebe and Cutiefly being in a resent dream of mine! I tend to dream about the games and the pokemon themselves just coming around in real life. And I can tell you’re a jessie fan lol

One of my most interesting dreams about pokemon i called ‘the hell of light’. It was based on the gen 5 games and me battling N in the elite 4. He was the champion too. And the room he was in had a lot of glowing, pastely colored ‘lava’ in it, and he was a fire pokemon trainer. And I battled him with a celebi. It was quite the interesting dream to me. Like, he was in a hell-like area, but it was also very…light. To kind of sybolize his innocence, and that he could never be punished for being on the wrong side, due to it. Kind of like a child, I guess. I feel that dream was a shout out to myself, really.