Any proof?

I’m sure that those of you who have great interest and experience in OBEs and APs (and are vocal about these) have come across skeptics. Have any of you ever done a test so you could actually prove that you left your body? I’ve had experiences where I could not tell if I was really out or not and I wish that I had a way to test this so I could not only know the truth but to prove it to myself (if it was real) and to a doubting friend of mine that such things are possible.

I’m not asking for ideas about how to test it but feedback from anybody who has pondered this or actually conducted a legit experiment.

Hi sno_isulli,

There is already a sticky topic about this “For all that think OBE’s are real” (part II is running now).

You can find them here:
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You can join the discussion there :happy: