Any suggestions

I just started working on lucid dreaming yesterday. I never remember my dreams or I never even remember dreaming at all. But last night I remembered all of the dream I had. I am pretty excited. I just don’t get why remembering your dreams is the 1st step to becoming lucid. Could someone please explain that in more depth. Does anyone have any good tips for me as I get in more depth in remembering my dreams. How many dreams can I remember before I can become lucid??? Thanks for hearing me out. ~Drew~

Hey Andrew, welcome. :content:

Well if you have a big and good LD but don’t remember anything about it in the morning ( maybe even not of having been lucid )it would be no use to have it. :content:

Working on your DR sort of triggers something in your mind, and indirectly increase the chances of becoming lucid.

You may simply hold a Dream Journal where you will write down all your dreams. Before doing anything in the morning, stay in your bed and note everything you can remember. :smile:

Actually becoming lucid cant be achived in X days. You just have to be motivated and do your techs then you will have an LD earlier or later.
Usually you have an LD quickly after reading about LDing so you have a good chance to have one soon :wink:

Two reasons:

  1. Like Julian Iron said, a great LD doesn’t do too much good if you can’t remember it.
  2. If you remember and record a lot of dreams, you can find common elements (dream signs) that tend to pop up in your dreams. Once you identify these, you can be more wary of them. For example, if you tend to see a lot of carrots in your dreams, you would decide to do a reality check whenever you saw a carrot.

Then there’s the psychological reason that writing down your dreams helps let your subconscious know that dreams are indeed important to you now.

Hi andrewfp90! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:

  • Having your DJ near your bed and writing down all what you remember from your dreams, even if it’s just a feeling.
  • In the first times, repeating mentally before you fall asleep something like “tomorrow morning, I’ll remember my dreams”.
  • If possible, not moving when you wake up.The first thing you have to think about is recalling your dreams. Once you recall enough elements, then you can write them down on your DJ.
  • If you don’t remember anything, try to think about random things. One of them may make you recall your dream.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t recall dreams. It will be better another time.

Once you recall about one dream per night with enough details, you can practice induction techniques. Good luck! :smile: