Any tips for a newbie?

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Hi, i’ve been researching lucid dreaming for about 3 days now lol. i’m very enthusiastic and motivated, i even know what im gonna do on my first one xD

I’ve started a journal and i’m doing RC’s any more tips? Anyone? :happy:

Hello, welcome. :welcome:

Excellent, so far you are going about it the right way. If you’ve decided to try an induction method, that’s even better. If you haven’t, look at the Knowledge Base. Most questions you will ever have can be answered there.
Since you’ve started a DJ, I suggest you start examining your dreams in detail ASAP. Look for consistent elements, interpret them, and do whatever you can to get closer to your subconscious.
You may want to try out Lucid Living in addition to the RCs. Finally, I would personally recommend doing “lucidity drills”–practice for those first moments of lucidity–throughout the day as well as memorizing the acronym “MEME,” which stands for Modulate emotions, Elevate awareness, Maintain focus, and Establish intent. Follow each letter in order as soon as you get lucid for best results.

Remember, it’s not as hard as you think.

If can convience yourself to believe it is easy to LD, then it will be.

Don’t think you will get an LD. Expect you will get one. :content:

I’d agree. The more you believe, and know you will, sure enough it will happen. Just keep the enthusiasm up. And pay very close attention to your dreams and waking life.

Yeh i think i’ve found a dreamsign, after 3 dreams lol, so yeh i’ll post a journal and tell you what I think it is.

And thanks for the tips everyone :smile:

Keep Trying!