Any tips for maintaining consciousness during a WILD?

I had a WILD last night by counting and telling myself every 5th number that I am dreaming. Well when I got to 500 or so the numbness turned to strong vibrations (and paralysis) which got very intense to the point where I was hallucinating seeing what looked like a violent yellow lightning storm. At the same time I could hear a rythmic thundering in my head. Well my conting got very erratic and I was having trouble focusing (I would count like 510, 527, 576, ect. all the way to 700 in about 45 seconds), my body felt like it was in an earthquake. The last thing I remember is having an adrenaline rush and losing consciousness. I think I got close to the transition because right before I blacked out the “thunderstorm” opened up and I felt like I was being sucked into a black void. Woke up to the sound of my alarm clock with no dream recollection.

Any advice on how to materialize images and stay awake?
(sorry if this is a repost).

I’ve heard that playing around with your images is good. With your HI, try making your own dream.

I think it was a full success. You went through all the WILD steps and kept consciousness very far. Too bad you lose it at the very end. Just keep up practising.

I think there are two possibilities. A visual dream may appear when you stay in this black void. But you also can try and spin around your axis to make it appear.

thanks for the advice, I think I’ll try to focus on some kind of image that I want once I get to the point of erratic counting. That was what probably messed me up, forgetting what number I was on and letting my mind wander. :neutral:

Anyways I couldn’t concentrate at all last night, I was all congested from allergeys and breathing normally was impossible. So I’ll try it out tonight. Thanks again :smile:

Rad – that is amazing. I can barely get up to 20 before I’m asleep. I seem to fall asleep in a few seconds, but that is not at all good for trying to WILD.

20! You are definitely a lucky person… with some practice, you could get WILD down easily…

Archdreamer – I think that falling asleep as quickly as I do is not all that great for WILD’s. However, at least I don’t worry about insomnia.

Heh the fact that you can count to 500 without losing track is pretty remarkable. I usually get to about 100 before I have to restart entirely :razz: That said, just keep doing what you’re doing. To remain on the edge of consciousness/unconsciousness successfully requires training and experience.You might want to try having a cup of tea or something a few hours before bed to keep you awake long enough for the fun to begin.

One thing I find helps is if you become fixated on a certain symptom of the WILD. For a long time I had read about the vibrations and intensely wished to experience them for myself. So one night I said to myself that when they occur, I will be aware of them. When I started counting I quickly forgot what I was doing and lost consciousness, only to awaken what seemed like 10 minutes later when the vibrations started.

Just out of curiosity, when would be the appropriate time to try to “roll over” into a LD? Also should you try to actually move your body or just imagine it? I would think that trying to actually move would ruin the WILD, but I have been wrong before…

Thats a good question and one I dont know, but I find when I try to WILD I can’t even sleep even if I try pulling myself into the dream, and after I give up (usually about 1-2 hours) I find I can’t sleep cause I’m to awake:(
I’d imagine though that moving your body violently or to much would for sure reck your concentration or the drift, but I could be wrong to.

It really depends on when you feel ready, however people usually do it during the period where the vibrations reach a climax.

From here you are supposed to imagine rolling onto your side and out of bed, don’t actually attempt to do it :razz: You are more or less awake and can move if you try, so you’ll likely end up on the floor. Some people find that recreating the sensation of spinning around your length gives good results, however it’s really up to you to determine the best method.

good thing you told me not to actually try to roll myself over, I would probably try it and give myself a concussion thanks to some heavy nightstands. :crazy: