Any tips (on staying lucid) for a beginner?

Hi. I’m new to Lucid Dreaming and currently working on improving my dreram recall. A while back, I was experamenting with lucid dreaming. (At that time, i did not use a DreamJournal, which I now know was a complete failure idea to go without :tongue:) After a while I gave up because it didn’t seem as though I was getting anywhere.
Recently, I was reading an article about the song “Higher” by Creed, which turns out is a song about lucid dreaming. So therefore Scott Stapp inspired me with his amazing song and lyrics to give lucid dreaming a second chance.

I began recoding dreams in my new DreamJournal three days ago. Alrady I have noticed a dreamtheme that i get alot. In alot of my dreams, I often have the Inability to Scream. Last night I noticed this in my dream again. I said to myself,“What’s this? I can’t scream? I must be dreaming!”
As soon as I finished saying “I must be dreaming!,” I found myself looking at the ceiling of my room. I was instantly infuriated lol. I was kicked out so fast, and without even a second thought, it almost seemed cheap. Any tips for staying lucid in the dreams? Any advice is appreciated!
Thank you!

I also read alot of the guide. I must say, It is very well writen and very helpful!

Appended “(on staying lucid)” into the title, for clarification. :dragon:

Yeah maybe i can give you a few tipps:

  1. Stay focused
    2.Write in your DJ: I know you do it, but its the most important thing so i want to say it again.
  2. WBTB: Set you alarm clock at 3 4 or 5 o clock AM. After you wake up write everything down. You dont need to stay one hour awake, just write down. (You will write more in your DJ which raise your Dream Recall very and you´ve a better chance of LD)
  3. Stay calm: When you Ld again stay calm and dont be a person like “YIPPIE I AM DREAMING I AM LUCID” if you get emotionally YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT.
    If you can remember a 2 - 3 dreams the night WITHOUT WBTB you can do WBTB-WILD or sth like that. But you need to find you own way (which techniques fits to you).

You might want to take a look at The BIG “How to stay lucid” topic there are plenty of tips there on how to stay lucid. :smile:

Staying Lucid, look at it from a health standpoint… healthier you are, clearer the thoughts, over all better feeling. That above all else will improve Lucidity. Releasing toxins, purifying ones self, even thoughts… since we can agree on dreams being projections of a subconscious. Maybe you need to clean that too, your conscious I mean.

  1. Dream Journal
  2. Favorite induction technique (Lucid Living for me)
  3. Rubbing hands together in dreamland, touching sensation increases greatly
  4. Personal reason for Lucidity
  5. God can help, he created it all…
  6. Health

Here is a whole lot on lucid dreaming, dream control and tips on staying lucid:
Stephen LaBerge discusses lucid dreaming (9 parts)
Stephen LaBerge discusses dream control (10 parts)
Keys to Lucid Dreaming + Things to Do (34 videos)

the highest and most bestest way to stay lucid

is to not move at all if you wake up

if you don’t move at all, then you can pretend ,
pretending you are still dreaming
making up a dream character and asking them to help you anchor into lucidity

for ex: "Hey you, that guy i just saw, please help me "

Probably the best piece of advice I can give for staying lucid is staying calm. Every time I feel myself fading, as long as I keep calm and stay focused on the dream I can stay in.

Wow! Thanks for all the tips guys! Greendragon, sorry about the title. I will take your advice and I will also go check out the thread mentioned by Greendragon.