How to prolong LD?

How to prolong LD?
When I get in LD I just wake up.
What can I do?

I bet my money that you’re too exited when you get an LD. Try to calm down and rub your hands (in the dream, of course) or spin around in your own axis.

Make sure first of all that you actually believe you will stay asleep during your LDs. Think to yourself during waking hours that you WILL stay asleep during your next LD.

The overall principle of staying in a dream relies on engorging your “dream senses.” Spinning in place (in the dream, of course) has been shown to be an excellent method to stay asleep. I’ve never tried that in my limited LDing experience, but I’ve tried rubbing my hands together and it helped. Try closely examining everything around you, filling your senses with the details. Feel the grass beneath your feet, listen to the nuances of people’s voices, scrutinize the woodwork in your house. Whatever it takes. Just keep your brain’s focus on the stuff in the dream. And don’t get too excited!

Good luck.

Plan to do something in your next LD. It must be something very simple, like looking at your hands or performing a RC or flying. The first thing you have to do in your LD is doing this. Then you can look at your hands from time to time, when you begin to lose lucidity. It’s a prolonging technique.

spinning is good, as is shaking your head.

but you cant run out of things to do. i find if your just standing there, and nothing is happening, you will wake up very fast, even if you try spinning around. its like datameister said, you gotta keep “engourging your dream senses”.

that can be hard when starting out because sometimes you’ll get to a stage where you dont know what you want to do. you might have had 1 goal in your head, or you just wanted to become lucid, and when you did now its like “uhhh now what” and while your standing there thinking not doing anything, you wake up. have a plan of what you want to do.

and i also think its in your head a lot as welll, if you think your going to start waking up, then your more likely to wake up than if you dont think that.

I was just about to say that. Always keep active. Staying still for a while doing absolutely nothing will wake you up.

I like asking my friends what I should do in my next LD. Then I have missions. It’s very fun. Like an adventure. Maybe you should write missions for yourself too. It will keep you occupied.

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Yeah but I find it so hard to remember mission when im in a LD. I think about im lucid but after that… ‘‘whhaaaatttt ??’’ I just think about flying.

Sepultura123, you should plan to enhance your lucidity as soon as you enter a LD.

I had an LD again :happy: It was slightly longer than the last one, but I still had the trouble of darkening vision. Does anybody have any good advice?

:rofl: I’m laughing but it must have been very annoying. :peek:

The darkening has nothing to do with lucidity. You can have a dark dream and stay lucid. The best tip is rubbing your hands to make the dream reappear. Now if your interested in meditation, yoga, energy, etc. you can use this state in order to practice energy/shakra/breathing exercices. They are said to work better when there are no dream images. Good luck! :smile:

Hmmm in my holidays I might try meditaion :smile: I don’t have much time to learn it now >_> Anyway, I’ll remember rubbing my hands.

pokes his SC “Y’hear that? Remember to rub our hands :smile:

First off, I have been LDing for 6 months. In 6 months my longest LD had only been a few minutes. I then tried a new technique I thought might work and it was my longest LD ever by more than 10 minutes. Anyways hope it helps, heres the technique.

I call it the breathing technique, because throughout your dream you prolong by breathing.

step 1: Become lucid.

step 2: Stay lucid. My problem and many other peoples is remaining lucid int he dream and not waking up. I believe people wake up when becomming lucid because of being too excited. How to stop this is the second you become lucid take 4 deep, calm, easy breaths through your nose. This action calms you down and allows you to stay in the dream without awakening.

step 3: Use technique every few minutes. Really concentrate on easy breathing and every now and then follow step 2 and take easy breaths in and out your nose.

This technique finally has allowed me to enjoy LDing and I highly advise you to at least try it if you have problems with waking up.

I’ll be giving this a try in my next lucid dream. It sounds very calming and may help bring clarity and control to my LDs.

The last 9 of my lucid dreams have ended within 15 seconds of starting. I will try your method.

Sounds interesting. I’m usually in a rush to do stuff in LD’s, so I’ll try this out. I’ll report back.

The first time I tried this I woke up after the 2nd breath. I was also concentraiting hard on an object in my dream, thinking the additional focus and attention would also help.

What are you you concentraiting on while breathing? Should I just focus on the breathing process itself? Because I felt that without any visual stimulus, the dream might fade.

I have read practically everything there is to read from credible sources on the practice of lucid dreaming and I still feel that I am at a loss when it comes to information on prolonging an LD. While I am practically a novice at lucid dreaming I have had my fair share of willed LDs but very few of them… and I do mean very few of them… have seemed to exceed 5+ minutes. If they did exceed 5+ minutes it was a natural occurance and not the result of rubbing my hands. I know that it is pretty much proven that an LD can last up to an hour.
I had an LD last night and decided to practice dream physics manipulation. I flew around every once in a while rubbing my hands (probably every 30 seconds) and after a while I stopped. I stopped because I was under the general impression that you only have to prolong the dream if its beginning to fade or is unstable. Anyways, I started talking to a DC (and I know for a fact I didn’t think the DC was real or even consider it because I gave her one of my LD gadgets). All of a sudden I got kicked out of the LD. I didn’t close my eyes at any point in the LD, I didn’t fall back into an ND, the dream didn’t fade (well it did but it was almost instantaneous), and I didn’t get excited at any point when I was lucid. When I woke up there was no prevalent sound or anything (as far as I know) that awoke me.
To prevent me or anyone else on this forum from any future frustrations with this subject, I have some questions on prolonging. Please refrain from answering unless you have 100+ posts. (I don’t want to take advice from potential pathelogical liars)

  1. What is your favorite method for prolonging an LD?

  2. About how often/when do you have to use the method to keep the dream stabalized?

  3. What is the longest LD you have had that you believe is a result of your method?

  4. For those who have LDs everynight: Do you still need to use the method or do LDs become more stable as a result of practicing lucid dreaming?

  5. Were there any mental blocks that you had to overcome concerning prolonging LDs?

  6. On exciting activities (such as dream sex, exciting scenarios etc.): how does one prevent premature awakening?

  7. Is there a sort of cognitive stamina that builds as you have more and more LDs?

Pathologically suspicious, he? :tongue:

Staring at my hands from time to time.

At the beginning of the dream, then when I feel the dream fade or I’m losing lucidity. Theorically, it would be every 30 seconds but either I don’t write this in my DJ or I don’t practice it in the way I supposed to.

30 minutes. By the way, I used in this dream 3 stabilizing techniques : staring at my hands, moving systematically my eyes from right to left and vice versa, taking the dream for granted (as you would do in reality).

I don’t have LD’s everynight.

I had no mental block to overcome concerning prolonging LD’s.

I don’t know.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by cognitive stamina. :shy:

I would add that prolonging techniques seem to work cause my average LD duration is about 2 minutes but my average prolonged LD duration is 5 minutes.

Thank you so very much for the info. I have never tried looking from left to right. I will definitely take note of that.

  1. Erm. Grabbing on to something, usually, and rubbing it.

  2. I usually do this if I feel that the dream is fading.

  3. Mm. Probably around 2 minutes… I’ve had longer without stabilizing…

  4. I don’t have LD’s everynight, but I’ll stab this anyway. LD’s occur more to me, everything seems clearer, and I think clearer, but it still has no bearing on how long my LD’s are…

  5. Remembering to do it…

  6. I usually just keep myself from getting too excited…

  7. Erm… I… don’t think so… But I didn’t understand the question, either…