The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 41

:wave: hello Ultimate777 :happy:
welcome to LD4all
since you have expereinced some lucidity already, it should be easier to induce LDs since you know it is possible and that you can do it :boogie:
if you still remember those early LDs you should post them in our “My First LD Collection” sticky topic in the dream diary forum :thumbs:

Hi all, I’m totally new to LD I’ve been looking over this site and a few others for about a week now and have made a few atempts at WILDing I think I came very close a few days ago with the help of a meditation cd. My body was relaxed and my hart was pounding I felt like I was almost at the point of SP and could see images and flashes of light, but then it became more like I was looking through my eye lids, I could see the outline of the fan on the roof and my TV in the corner of the room, I tried to leave my body but just lost the relaxation and basically just woke up (I wasn’t really asleep as such but I wasn’t awake) I guess I’ll just have to keep trying.

I was a very good at meditation a few years back and could do some sort of AP but could only get as far as leaving my body and floating to the celling looking down on my self, but that was without trying.

I do have problems with remembering my dreams so I guess I may even have had a LD and just don’t remember it.

:wave: hello three08
mm APing is discussed in the beyond dreaming forum, the the big remembering dreams topic is in the stuff dreams are made of forum. Basic WILD is in quest and more advanced WILD discussions are in pathways :smile:
I feel like a flight attendent on a plane pointing to all the features :tongue: :lol:

I hope you enjoy all the time you will spend here as a member :smile:

I joined a few days back… but was too busy reading rules and such :razz: So yup, I’m new and have to say LD is one of the most interesting subjects I’ve come to. I’ve practiced WILD for the past two nights and obviously failed. Heart pounding as if I was going to have a heart attack was the reason… but yes, I hope the best to learn from here xD

Hello everyone. I have been aware that my dreams were significant since I was around 10 years old. I found it easier to remember themes and loved thinking about all of the details in each dream. I started recording my dreams when I was 12, when an English teacher gave me a journal for a present. She said I should write my dreams down. I thank her endlessly because I have learned a HUGE amount about myself.
I have emotions in dreams that I cannot explain.
When I met someone two years ago that was fascinated with LD I immediatly asked more about it. Slowly I accomplished my first lucid experiance. A few more subtle ones have happened since.

So I have been lucid in my dreams about five times.
The first time was the scariest because it was the dream itself that confused me.

I was alone walking on a beach. Bleach colored sand and aqua water. I was happy, just walking alongside the water. All of a sudden, I felt the pull. I was slowly being lifted into the air. I giggled and was happy and then I felt the goosebumps on my skin. I was going through layers of air vapor in the atmosphere. Eventually I was far in space looking directly at Earth. I whispered, “I’m not ready yet”.

So the other dreams were cool too but brief. I want to strengthen everything about LD that I can. It is so fun to me.

thanks for reading~*~cakeater, Bea[/u]

Welcome Okay7
Since you’re not interesting in lucid dreaming, good luck with not lucid-dreaming :tongue:
Anyway I hope you like it here, have a cookie

Welcome to LD4all Bandog,
I hope you manage to say asleep better now you got some tips :content:

:wave: Welcome Pokle
I hope your dry spell will soon be over. Reading possible things to do in Lucid Dreams and other people’s experiences can sometimes help you to get more motivated again. (I don’t know if you need that though)

:welcome: MonkMonk
Have fun in all your future (Lucid) Dreams ^^

Welcome Sittisenne
I’m sure you’ll find lots of information on this board that can help you to get your first Lucid Dream. Don’t forget to notify us of it, if you manage to have one :wink:

Welcome Ultimate777
I read your first lucid dreams and I liked reading them. Instead of spinning you could also try to rub your hands, or other Prolonging techniques.

Welcome three08 :cool:
I saw you are a photographer. I would love to see some of your photo’s in the Garden :happy:

Welcome FireKirby
Succes with WILD. You can find First steps to WILD here. Or if you’re already more advanced - but from what I understood you used it a few days ago for the first tme - you could go to Pathways.

Welcome to LD4all cakeater
It seems that you are already a pretty experienced dreamer. You can look around in Lucid Adventures to see what you could do while lucid dreaming. This also includes how to prolong dreams, and how to get better control.

at the moment it’s raining like, well, like a shower actually.
I recently got interested in LDing, and started practicing with the RC method. I have also chatted with some people in the chit chat chatroom.

I’d love to read the interesting posts one can undoubtely find in here !

:welcome: hello FireKirby, cakeater and Drudge :grouphug:

FireKirby, I love your avatar

:yay: nice to see someone like me, who spends time reading up on everything before posting :smile:

think positive … and remember everything you experience during WILD is completely normal and so there’s no need to panic :content:
good luck :thumbs:

cakeeater, just reading about other member’s methods to stay in their LDs will give you techniques to prolongue your dreams, so they should soon grow longer. :boogie:

:smile: you will get a lot of fun and knowledge browsing the forum … it’s great when you find some posts which give new insights.
(don’t forget to poke around our archive forums too :wink: )
good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

Aye thanks for the warm welcome :smile: !

Hey, I joined a while back, but I’m just beginning to post now. I hope to chat with all of you.

oo I looked up all your posts and found your first post :smile:
:wave: /me gives brock a late welcome
did you forget all about us? or were you lurking? :eek:
I hope you keep active now, so we can get to know you :boogie:

Good evening and welcome all, you cheery lot.

Also the first time I hear anyone talking about strange emotions in dreams, stuff like that can make me wake up completely perplexed, hardly being able to realise that such feelings are even possible, Cakeater.

Thanks for the welcome moogle. I wasn’t lurking actually, I just completely forgot how interesting dreaming can be. I’m glad to be back though, and I hope to get to know you too. :smile:

Hey Im new here I started my dream journal yesterday and try WILD every night

Soon the journal should help me get DILD abilities back because at one time I was up to like 3 LDs a month but I wasn’t really serious about it.

Hi BvBrandon. Welcome to LD4ALL!

Good luck with your WILDing and Lucid dreaming in general.

Thank you, tonight will be my 4th try… maybe I’ll throw in a WBTB attempt =P Lets see how this turns out.

:wave: hello bvbrandon
I hope you regain your old average and even exceed it :ok:
also remember you are more likely to get good results with WILD when using it with WBTB :wink:

/me sends good luck vibes to bvbrandon and FireKirby :thumbs:

'Ello there. I’ve been lurking these boards for a while (read: four days) and decided to sign up since there are some boards guests can’t read. I’ve had 2 LDs, one last night and the other the night before last night…wouldn’t really consider that one a LD since I woke up immediately when I realized it was a dream. T_T

But hello there. Hope to post here a lot more in the future.

Hi everyone, i am from croatia!

i havent had my lucid dream yet but am trying, i know i will do it some day and you are all very helpfull!!!

hope to chat with you all!

Ai, WILD and WBTB failed… but I did get a short LD o_o’ Plus ability at dream recall and dream vividness when way up. Making some progress, thank you LD4all :happy: