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Hi all…
How can I make WILD and napping work together? I’ve been having trouble figuring out WILD at night, so I want to try it during the day. Any advice?

the same way, keep your mind thinking in a dream subject reminding yourself that you might be dreaming.

Day naps with WILD may be considered advanced daydreams, a sublevel of lucid dreaming, i guess it would be very good for LD training.

WILD with napping works the same way as during the day, pick a version of WILD and just let yourself fall asleep (helps to find a dark place).

Thanks for the info :smile:
But should I wake up earlier than I usually would that day? So that I would be sleepy for a nap?
Also…can any one reccomend a simple and effective relaxation technique?

Hello again! I tried WILD with napping today.

I used the 61 point relaxing technique witch worked well. You should try that one Indianinks, you can find it at … opic=10742

Okay, I got relaxed, and after 20 min or so, i got vibrations , my muscles started to get tense and started snatching. I felt a sinking sensation, and my hole body was completely numb. It seemed to last forever, and I never gor anywhere from that point.

What should I think on next time I´m im this situation? Or was I simpy to awake?

When you get to that numbness point you have to be relaxed, if you’re too busy thinking about the oddness of the feeling or about how your close to an LD you will inhibit REM sleep. All you need to do is relax and wait expectantly for the onset of REM and the beginning of a dream.

IndianInks - it is not neccesary to be sleepy for the nap, just don’t wait too long before napping (I would recommend and hour or two after you wake up). If you wait to long your body won’t go straight into REM (the point of napping) but rather you will go through the normal cycle and delta sleep which is not good for dreaming.

Thanks for the info Lucidity Master and Gabbe :smile:

So a brief outline of a what a WILD should be:
Relaxed stage
Numbness/Sleep Paralysis
Lucid Dream?

Does the HI become an LD on its own? What is the transistion like between HI and LD? Sorry if this has been asked before…I can seem to find a lucid (haha i love puns :razz:) answer to this.

It varies though, sometimes you can have HI without SP or just jump straight to a dream, don’t always expect it to be the same every time.

The transistion depends on the person. For some people the HI becomes the dream. They talk about entering the HI. for others, like me, there is a short blackout, then I am in a dream, and I know it. That is one of the things that makes WILD so difficult, you have to learn what works for you.

okay, I´ve given a couple of more tries on WILD now.
Two times in a row now, I´ve been up for an hour without any succes, so I gave up, and went to sleep the normal way. but when I woke up, I started to remember that I actually was consious during the transition without even trying to… I stronlgy remember that all of a sudden I was travelling in the white tunnel and it all got white, and then everything just blacked out. And in the second try, I remember getting bright flashes that just got brighter and brighter, and that I opend my dream eyes all of a sudden and he sun was in my eyes, but then blacked out…

Gabbe, your very, very close to having an LD. I have a question though, when you got to the point of opening your dream eyes what was your emotional state, excited, calm etc?

Confused, I don´t really understand what´s going on, because the stages before that, I am uncounsious, and when the transaction begins I´m consious. Because I was prepared to just fall alseep naturaly, and then all of a sudden I´m conscious when I´m starting to enter the dream

Thats exactly how my first WILD+WBTB happened. I went to sleep naturally, then suddenly I was a disembodied point of consciousness in a black void that turned into a white tunnel that got brighter and brighter.

I’ve been having some problems lately with WILD. The thing is, I usually wake up at 5-6AM, and when I go back to sleep, I get the LOUD whistling noise, spinning, floating and all that stuff. But then it stops. I’m always at this black void, like a dreamless dream. I can see my dreamhands, rub them together, speak (robotic voice btw). But I can’t just get any “dreamscape” around me. What can I do to get out of the evil black void?

Also, when I get a WILD, it’s usually very dark. I also need tips on how to get it more bright.

Another question… :help:

okaj, I´m very very relaxed, and I get vibrations and HI just like before, but now, insted of my muscles pulling they get really really tense and stays that way. And It gets over my hole body including my face. I can easely make it stop by just forcing to relax. I did so for about 1 h, It just keept on coming every 10 minutes or so, and I didn´t seam to get anywhere from there. Should I just let it come?? Because I tried that once, I think I was close to enter the dream, but then it failed, and I´m still laying there all tensed. Help?!

dreams arise because your conscious mind regains activity yet the body is still asleep

knowing that the basic principle of “falling asleep” is that the conscious mind is shutting down, how do we expect to initiate WILDs immediately upon going to bed?

my experience with mantra while falling asleep is that eventually i will be in a state deep enough that i am not capable of continuing the thought process and simply am a passive witness to whatever is unfolding.

in these moments there are images at times, definite ideas whizzing by and things being “understood”, but I am not “in” my conscious mind anymore.

is this state which many seem to call a “trance” state (though i do not find it “conscious” enough to be a “trance”) useful for dreaming and OBEs ? If so how do I maintain myself in this state rather than waking back up from it once it ends.

it is very curious because there seems to be no difference from dream reality and real reality. it is very easy to wake up out of a dream, but tricky to “fall asleep” into one.

is perhaps the ultimate way to WILD involving not falling asleep at all, simply imagining a dream and having such a strong visualization that your body allows you to enter the fantasy world… ?

popov that’s a good point. I know this state is a precursor to leaving the body, enterting a dream, out of body experiences, astral projection, etc…

But how do I fall asleep instead of wake back up? To me falling asleep must only be either completely not paying attention so much, or being in delta or super deep theta… because these little mini-washes of passive hypnagogia more than likely occur in theta in the first place… and I’m aware enough to call my self conscious in them.

I had a sleep study once and he confirmed theta was what I was hitting and waking back up from.

I’ll get it pretty soon though. I’m thinking maybe some melatonin would help since I can do this dance of in and out for 2-3 hours, and if you are sleeping for 2-3 hours you should be going into REM!!!

As soon as I dream in nREM I’ll be set :cool_laugh:

Hey guys…

Ok. Ive been trying to wild for years now and usually give up after a month or so and forget about it and then try to pick it up again. But right know im pretty convinced i can do it because i coming so close…

Almost everytime, i can get to the point where my body is numb. I alsosee swirling coulours.

If im lucky, next i start feeling totally seperated from my body. it feels like i am all in my head. The HI kind of dies by this point. But the feeling is intense and i start to feel lke something is really going to be happening.

but then comes the killer. my heart starts beating uncontrollably. I slwly am brought back point a where i started.

Its frustrating because i feel like im getting so close…

what is happening? I need some guidance…


P.s. I have LD’d many times just never WILD.

I have been thinking about trying WILD but everywere i read about it i dont understand what to do. Can someone please give a short paragraph or two on how to do it? Thank You

WILD can be tricky to understand at first, but really it’s easy. Simply put, you make your body fall asleep, while your mind is still awake. Confusing? Definately. Extremely easy? Yup.

Wake Induced Lucid Dream

Summary: Developed by Stephen LaBerge, WILD is the technique that allows the person to fall asleep consciously into the dreamworld. This technique is most effective when used with WBTB.

[color=green]With many variations to it, including hypnotic imagery focusing, listening to breathing, and more, the most common technique amongst beginners is the method of counting. As stated earlier, WILD is best used with WBTB, which will be the way I write this step-by-step dealy.

  1. Set your alarm clock for about 5 - 6 hours after you fall asleep, as this time is usually the time that people begin to enter their REM stages (where you dream).

  2. Go to sleep like you always do, or you could add in a MILD for insurance.

  3. Wake up when your alarm goes off, and get up and maybe have a glass of water or something. It’s up to you for how long you stay up.

  4. When you are ready to lucid dream, this is the part where you get to decide what’s best to do. Here are 2 options. (1) You can start to fall asleep with the intention of performing a RC after what feels like 2 minutes or so. Don’t count up to that time, just get a feel for how long it might take. (2) Other than that, you could also start counting to 100, and tell yourself when you get to 100, you will perform a RC.

  5. Perform your selected method and if you do that RC and find out you are lucid, then woot! Otherwise, repeat step 4 a few times until you get lucid, OR until you get too tired, because you don’t want to stress yourself out.[/color]

Really that’s the gist of one variation of WILD. It may be for you, and it may not be for you. It all depends on the type of sleeper you are. Either way, try it out and see what happens. After a while if you still don’t see results, then move on to another WILD tech or maybe even move on to a whole new area such as MILD or Autosuggestion.

Hopefully you have a better idea now. If you have any further questions about this WILD, any other WILD, or any other tech, we are all here for you!