First steps to WILD part II (for basic WILD Q&A)

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Please use this topic for all basic questions about the WILD technique.

Part I

I have a question, I had been trying MILD for a while and it not working so I tried WILD and I kind of got all tingly some muscles tensed up then released and it got a little hard to breathe, but I didn’t go into paralysis or lucid state… Was I halfway there?

yeh I tried and I was sort of like PoisonedV , answer to this question would be greatly appreciated to me aswell.

Yes indeed, I think so but you have to reach the hypnagogic state from this relaxed state. And you know you are in the HS if you get HH.

Well I was doing a method I saw on the wikibook that said count “1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming” etc and don’t move and I did it for like 10 minutes and it got like that but eventually I kept doing it and I was getting any further so I stopped, are there any better methods?

Ive been trying wild for a while with no success. I get up to the numbness/sp but for some reason dont get HI. I had HI once when i woke up in the middle of the night and went back to sleep. I saw a white and black flashing backround with lots of flashy colors. My questio is does everyone have HI and if so how can i get beyond the SP and into a lucid dream.

Ok someone please help me! I relaxed and thought of flying and the shock went through me (hopefully SP). I started breathing heavy with a fast beating heart. I actually could move a bit, but not much. I actually thought I was having a heartattack! after this I got up because it was too freaky. Can someone PLEASE help me!!!??? Lucid dreaming sounds so awesome!!!

Yea you got to panicky. You have to stay calm when something like that happens and remember nothing bad will happen. when something happens like that to me my heart beat speeds up, but then i calm down by taking deep breaths and relax.

Pheeeeew! Thanks alot that will probably help. I will try that tonight. (this might just be because that was my first time I tried lucid dreaming lol). I will post if I get a lucid dream. I hope it’s as good as everyone says. One more thing How can I instantly change the setting from being godzilla to flying around my house?

Im probably not the best person to answer your question “How can I instantly change the setting from being godzilla to flying around my house?” because im not too experienced in lucid dreams. But you should try simple stuff like just flying or spawning a bike. I wouldn’t try to change your whole setting on the first try its pretty difficult. I f you have a night off i would try to stay up kinda late so your body is more tired and youll fall asleep faster. But keep your mind targeted on lucid dreams

@Im just a dreamer:

While I am not sure that everyone experiences HI, I think it should be very common. It is just that you are usually not aware of it. Being aware of HI is a good thing since you will get used to seeing and feeling strange things and not get excited if you actually enter a dream.

If you have SP - and that means you really cannot move, it is very different from just feeling relaxed or unwilling to move - you are really just a small step away from a dream.

Hello It’s me again. I kept at the WILD-ing, now I have figured something out, I can stay aware and slip into SP. I’ve done it two nights in a row. The only problem is I can’t seem to get any HI and that seems to prevent me getting into dreams. I think i get close sometimes, the blackness behind my eyes seems to become blacker somehow? Does that make sense, almost like it’s more real. I lay there for quite a long time in SP, around an hour, but couldn’t seem to get any further.

The SP I feel is being unable to move but I can get myself out of it quite quickly. Also if I really try I can twitch my fingers but not much more. when I came out of it moving felt really weird like it does after a long nights sleep. Also on previous nights I’ve experienced HI but without SP now I get SP without HI.

Am I doing something wrong or is it that I need to figure out what I should be doing when in SP.

Tonight I plan on attempting WILD but I have a few questions.

  1. About how long should I sleep before getting up to start WILD?
  2. What should I do to not lose consciousness?
  3. Will I know when I have the ability to “step into” my dream?
  4. I heard when sleep paralysis starts, you feel that there is the presence of a demon in your room. Does this happen often?

Thanks in advance if you can answer any of these! :smile:

No one has answers? :sad:

I want to try WILD too. Somebody answer these questions! Please. I still haven’t had a lucid dream. I stopped trying for a few weeks, but now that I’m out of school I’m ready to start trying again. I need some pointers.

Most people suggest 4 to 6 hours.

You just have to focus on something simple like counting, breathing or imagery. However, before you start that don’t forget to relax your body first. You can use any progressive relaxation technique. This is a very important step.

I do not actually step into my dreams. Instead, I just let myself get pulled into the dream. I found that if I try to actively step into my dream I loose the dream and I have to start over. I just focus on my technique and then it just happens.

I have never experienced this nor do I know anyone else who has. If you do feel the presence of something in the room with you just ignore it. It is just a hallucination and it can not harm you.

ok I’ve read what the website says a obout WILD, but I still don’t understand how or when to do it. Can someone help me?!?! :confused: :confused:

WILD is just focusing your mind on something until you fall asleep. However you must not let your mind drift off to sleep. You have to keep your mind awake while your body is sleeping. If you are afraid of Sleep Paralysis or OOBE I don’t recomend this technique instead try MILD or WBTB for beginners.

Ok I think I figured it out, for some reason the HI swirling colours I used to see, I don’t see at all anymore. Now I seem to be getting flashes of dreams. I managed to stay aware to some degree but when I nearly lost consciousness I caught myself a few times. After two tries I fell asleep. I think I’m close :smile: I’ll probably try counting or a mantra when I’m going into that state again.

The only thing that I don’t know what will happen from, is that the dream fragments I was seeing, seemed to be in third person and non of the characters were me. Does this happen often and does anyone know how will it affect me if I do manage to stay conscious as the dream forms?


Yep, you are very close. :good:
Unfortunately, staying aware at this point (without falling back) is the hardest thing of all (for me at least). I mostly try to just not care too much, and if I am lucky, I will enter a dream after a while. Sometimes I am already in one and don’t realize it. I just think I am still lying there, waiting. :tongue: I find that these transitions alone are actually very interesting and worth the trouble of practicing WILD (but maybe that is just me :wink:).

I have 3rd-person dreams quite frequently, however, I never got lucid in one. I think it would probably be difficult to do something without actually being there. :eh:


See what works for you. 4-6 hours is a good estimate based on regular sleep phases. If you sometimes wake up before it is time to get up, then continue to sleep for a couple of hours, that is probably the right time for WILD.

Something that keeps you aware but not awake (if that sounds complicated - well, it is :wink:). Some people suggest counting or concentrating on breathing. I tend to try visualizing or keeping a “small” thought in the back of my head. Anything involving my body is a bad idea since it tends to pull me back.

With experience, yes. You may also be one of the types who enter dreams without doing anything in particular, though.

It happens, though why is unclear to me. Probably it comes from feeling helpless and exposed if one experiences SP in a state halfway between awake and asleep and does not know what is about to happen.
Usually you can deal with such things by relaxing and not worrying too much about it, since it will go away after a while (you will either enter a dream or wake up), and it cannot hurt you in any way.
Getting angry at the thing and telling it to get out of your dream, or even embracing it may help as well. :wink:

Yeah that’s pretty much how I’d describe WILD, you keep your mind aware but not awake. You basically move from being awake to being asleep without losing awareness and hopefully once you are in a dream you know it’s a dream and are therefore lucid.

It’s considered a very difficult technique, and there are some sensations you may feel whilst trying to WILD, mainly SP(Being unable to move), HI(Anything from swirling colours to images and sounds), Falling or sinking into the bed, being pulled into a dream. Not everyone feels all of these. And very rarely some people may experience hallucinations during SP that they find frightening, BTW I’ve been trying to WILD every night for about 2 Months, experiencing SP a number of times and NEVER had any frightening experiences.

As for when you should do it, most people say WILD should be used in conjunction with Wake Back To Bed. So they would say to goto sleep, set an alarm or use auto-suggestion to wake up after roughly 4-6 hours and after staying up for upto about 30 minutes, try to WILD. However the times vary for each person and the only way to figure out what’s best for you is to experiment :wink:

As for how to do it there are a number of WILD based techniques, There is a page that contains links to a number of them under WILD Variations. Personally I just made it up as I went along, but those techniques provided a good starting point and lots of inspiration for me.
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