First Steps to WILD part VI (Basic WILD Q&A)

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Please use this topic for all basic questions about the WILD technique.

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Hey everyone, I’ve been seriously attempting LD’s for nearly a week now, keeping a dream journal, lots of reality checks etc. A couple of nights ago, I began trying to WILD. Because I hadn’t read up on it properly, I simply tried it as soon as I got to my bed first thing at night. I felt some strange sensations, like not being able to feel my legs, and suddenly sinking into my bed, but I didn’t get far at all with HI.

Last night, after reading up more on the technique, I set my alarm for 4:30am, 5 and a half hours after I went to sleep. After waking up, I stayed up for 30 minutes, and wrote down the pretty vague dream I’d had (It felt like it was in 2D, with images running past, and then I woke up. Maybe because I was constantly thinking about HI throughout the day?)

Now, with my first real attempt at WILD, I got further then normal. I was originally going to give up because of the traffic coming past outside (Cars coming past every couple of minutes at a low volume, but still clearly audible) But after I closed my eyes, ready to go to sleep and just have another normal night, I heard a voice of one of my friends say “Don’t give up”, I’m assuming it was HS. I then began seeing some circles of colour appear, and then shrink into nothingness. This happened for about a minute, before a car came past and grabbed my attention. I also saw some bright pinpoints of light (Stars?) and some waves of colour go across my field of vision pretty fast.

My question is this; was this a promising start to WILD, considering it was the first real attempt I’ve had? Or should I try another technique. WILD appeals to me because I enjoy seeing things evolve and progress over time, rather then having an intention in my head but having to wait for it.

Also, I had a dream that was entirely in my room that night. In the dream I had the very, very vague idea I was dreaming, but I only realised after waking up, and it didn’t affect the dream in any way. Is this a result from my WILD attempts?

Thanks, and sorry it’s a bit long winded :smile:

EDIT; I also remember that in my first dream, I remember hearin one of my favourite music tracks; either “hope Dies last” by “Feast for the Crows”, or more likely “The Silent Divide” by “Anterior”. Both heavy songs with similar intros, can’t remember which one exactly yet :tongue:

It definitely sounds like you’re on the right track with WILD, in that you experienced some of the possible phenomena that many people go through. The first time I tried it seriously I got really close and had a really vivid and wild (excuse the pun) experience, but no LD as a result. The visions you experienced remind me of my first WILD attempt, and I was very close to entering a dream. I just messed up at the end by moving prematurely, but the signs are there. You were close to entering a dream.

The first time it worked for me was by accident.

WILD is one of many techniques, and very reliable if you become good at it. Since you’ve only been going at it for a week I’d say your priority should still be on remembering more dreams for the next week or two, but don’t let that dissuade you from attempting more WILD.

After 5-6 hours of sleep is a good time to do it in my personal experience.

Remember, though the guides for WILD are often very long and detailed, it basically only consists of two simple (in concept) things:

  1. Stay aware
  2. Fall asleep

You need to do those two at the same time. Not everyone experiences HI or weird sensations (I haven’t on all occasions, just the first couple) or SP for that matter. For example, my last WILD (which was admittedly a few months ago), I just woke up from a dream, and after writing it down I stayed aware as I fell asleep again. No long sensations, but within 20 seconds I was in a dream, fully lucid. No real transition that I could describe.

So, get comfortable with that WILD feels like for you, and figure out how you can remain aware enough to fall asleep consciously. “Observing” how your own body falls asleep is very interesting and fun.

Thanks for the encouragement :smile:, and also for making it sound much simpler than most people. I’ll take into account what you said, about training up my recall for a couple of weeks. I think my general plan for the night’s gonna be;

-Go to sleep
-Wake up at 4:30am, write in my dream journal as much as I can remember
-Relax/Meditate/Set my intention to LD

I reckon that if I keep at it, and become better and better at each step, then eventually I’ll get good at it, and will hopefully be able to have LD’s not just once, but frequently. My first goal is to fly a really long way up, and skydive from the edge of space. I saw a video of the guy who jumped from stupidly far up, and it really inspired me :smile:

Happy dreaming! :grin:

WILD is fine if you know how to do it correcctly or if you have had many. But for a beginner i would STRONGLY STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend starting with DILD. Trust me its WAY easier

so I’ve never really tried a WILD before, but I believe I have the potential to do so.

last night in bed, I began having HI and saw several different dreamscapes, but I was drifting into unconscious, so I wasn’t really lucid, but then maybe 30 seconds later I would realize I could see these places and was dreaming, but then it would all just stop, the voices, the images, everything. But it wasn’t like I was excited and freaked out and that’s what caused them to disappear, it was just becoming aware of them that did it, unlike my DILD’s, where I become aware and they are still there.

so my question is, if this is the right material to do a WILD with, how do I remain conscious without having them disappear so fast? how can I slip into the WILD?

Hi anyone.
I Found out about LDs about a half Year ago.
I tried a Little but tuen Quit, but yesterday i read an ebook again and
Tried WILD. I Started relaxing with “progressive Relaxing” and then
Used “inversed blinking” too get further. I felt my face muscles getting
“tired” so my face kinda freezed. After a while, I quitter the try because
I couldnt remember what to do next, also I got very excited :razz:

Today I did the same way but waited longer, at the end my right hand
Suddenly got really really numb. It Crawled up my arm and As it reached my elbow,
The Feeling Started in my left fingers too. It felt like I “overbent” my arm and it could break in next to no time. After like 1.30 minutes I canceled it (don’t know whY :sad: ) and posted this.
I am gonna wait 15 minutes for responses and try again then.

Pls write if you got proposals on how to do better or anythIng else.


JJdreamer and S0lll0s, when are you trying to WILD? I don’t recall seeing anything about when you’re doing it in your posts. One big thing that helps a lot is if you do it 5-6 hours after first going to sleep since generally you’ll fall asleep much faster. This will help with getting through the weird numbing sensations and the HI will usually become a full dream a bit faster. The other thing to keep in mind is that you should not pay too much attention to what is happening to your body or the HI you are seeing. The main thing you need to do is be passively aware all the while repeating to yourself that you are dreaming. Remember, you have to fall asleep to dream, and you’ll never do that while you’re busy thinking about how numb you are.

my experience described above happened about 15 minutes after going to bed (about when I start to fall asleep), and I often get these HI’s when I’m really tired. I haven’t tried waking up 5-6 hours later though.

In that case I really would consider trying it; I know it’s helped me a lot. You don’t really have to do a full WBTB if you don’t have the time/will to stay up, buy it’s a good idea to play with different lengths of time to see what helps the most. Good luck!

Just tried to WILD outside on my lunchbreak in the park by my work. As usual, I wasn’t successful (have only ever achieved 2, but give it a try every now and again, just for fun) but got to the SP, with some flashing lights and my eyes starting to rapidly flutter. I would have kept going but I heard my watch beep and knew I should be getting back to work!

Anyway, it’s been 10 mins and I still feel all weird, like my head fully hasn’t returned, and electrical tingles are still shooting around my body, and I feel this massively calm mellowness Comment removed. Please read the guidelines. :mattias: Feels good man :cool:

Am enjoying this relaxed sensation, but just hope it’s not a permanent state haha! :eek:

edit: Oops, sorry bout that reference! I should have read the guidelines first :sadyes:

I always fall asleep when I’m trying WILD. I count my breathes, I try to visualize stairs to count, and I’ve listened to theta beats while falling asleep but nothing works. What else can be done to help WILD work for me?

if you’re just starting out with lucid dreaming, WILDing might be a little challenging, because first you need to raise your self awareness, by keeping a dream journal, doing reality checks, etc.

over time you will have a greater self awareness, which will help you with WILD’s. I’ve been doing this for a year and I still can’t WILD, but hey everyone’s different, so it might be easier for you :content:

good luck!

The point rather is to fall asleep, no? :tongue: Okay, enough of me acting smart, and onto your problem. I’d advise not starting with WILD. It is not an easy technique for most, and definitely not for beginners. Also, it’s nearly impossible at bedtime when you first fall asleep. It’s best done in conjunction with a WBTB.

I’d recommend using MILD and WBTB as you start. It’s a lot easier, and we wouldn’t have techniques posted and talked about in our guides here if they don’t help you LD. :wink: As with any technique, not a lot is set in stone as to what will help you personally LD.

Using DEILDs is easier than WILD, but I’d still advise waiting a while until you’re a bit more experienced with LDs until using it. DEILD is pretty much the same process as WILD, except if you wake up, you don’t move, and then stay aware while falling asleep back into the dream.

Hello Everyone! :woo:
The last couple of days I have been trying to perform WILD while falling asleep at night. I have been getting some positive results like my hypnagogic hallucinations have been getting more and more vivid every night that I do it. But i was just wondering how long it usually takes you guys to fall into your dreams with this technique?

If you do it at the beginning of the night it could take 45 minutes to an hour or longer. If you do it later, like 5-6 hours after first going to sleep it can be a matter of minutes. You could do a full WBTB, but I usually just take enough time to write in my DJ (if that long) and go back to bed.

Thanks and one more question. Does SP also have some kind of numbness feeling to it. Last night I noticed that i couldn’t really feel a number of body parts like my hands

People will give various different accounts of what SP feels like. Every time I’ve experienced it I have literally felt like something was keeping me from moving rather than just a random numbness. But one word of warning: SP is not necessary to have a WILD. It can be helpful, for sure, but so many people get caught up trying to induce SP that they forget their overall goal of becoming lucid. Remember, the point of WILD is to forget your body, so if you spend all of your time going “I feel numb, is this SP? How about now? Now?” then your chances go waaay down.

“WILD appeals to me because I enjoy seeing things evolve and progress over time” :smile:

I just reach the SP part of the WILD technique and totally lost concentration. I’ve been training with WILD four days ago, so I guess this was a really good attempt, I also noticed that I had a bit of trouble with the HH they were really fast, and before I knew I was focusing in how agitated my breathing sounded.

I will keep trying cause I think that if you can go trough the whole WILD process then you can gain way more control in a LD than doing it the DILD way. Also right now doing some WBTB and I’m planing to combine it with WILD, I’ve never tried it before, hope it works :^)

I never had HI so I really wondered about this:
[ (last dream)
Also I haven’t got any HI until now too, Why?