First Steps to WILD part V (Basic WILD Q&A)

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Please use this topic for all basic questions about the WILD technique.

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This seems like the most appropriate place to ask

I got into lucid dreaming about a year ago, stayed with it for about a month, and then reality got serious and I had to let it go for some time

But now I’m back in pursuit of seeing my inner self to relax, and I need advice on how to go about it, any tips like what to start with would be good, like I said it’s been a year and I forgot most of the basic’s

Any help is apreaciated

Kurei, you’ll find all the info you need if you look around the forum.

The last two times I’ve tried to WILD, I’ve had this wierd experience that I haven’t had before. I get to the point where it feels exactly like I’m lying in a water bed, rocking back and forth. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi, now to LDing :content:
People keep describing HI as being random colors, flashes, etc.
I see that pretty much every time I close my eyes :eh: Always have. Like watching a moving water color painting.
Is this normal? Also, how can I tell between this and HI?

I’m weird. I know :cool:

@ DanielWestman
I’ve not encountered something exactly like that, however it seems that there are a number of common feelings encountered during WILD, and I believe this is one of them.

@ lily1304
I believe there are two kinds of HI. There are the swirling colours or flashes etc, these seem common for me when I am in a relaxed state. There are also very vivid images, essentially complete scenes, these happened for me when I was deep in relaxation, and are I believe part of the process of transitioning into a dream.

Oh, okay. Thanks Dragon ;D
Having gone the last three nights with only one glimmer of a dream, I should probably work on recall first :ack:

i dont really know where to post this subject, but when first laying down and doing wild about how long does it take for you to enter your dreams.

and do i need to reamin completely still cause i sometimes get uncomfortable and move

It takes a long time unless you WBTB first or do it in the middle of the day then it takes a lot less time. You need to be completely still and relaxed. Try to ignore your body completely. Don’t move at all. Try not to think about your breathing either. Try to keep your mind busy though, like thinking “1. I’m dreaming. 2. I’m dreaming…” until you realize you really are dreaming.

like does it take longer than 90 minutes until you can enter your dream

and how would you enter the dream will your mind start having images till they become constant and your dreaming

It doesn’t take long if you WBTB. The HI you start to see during WILD will eventually turn into images and then finally into a dream.

no for WILD does it take over like 90 minutes to start to dream

It really just depends on how easily you fall asleep and how tired you are at the time. I don’t think it’s ever taken me 90 minutes to get to a dream, though; usually I’ve given up on WILD for the night by then. :razz:

iv tryed to WILD alot o times but only succsesful 1s
i didnt do it intetionally but i think i did use the WBTB method aswell
i woke up in the middle of the night and just went to sleep with the intention of LDing in mind. didnt take to long for me
i think when u begin its all a case of aiting for your mind to get used to what your trying to do.
the majority of the times i WILD i just end up falling asleep normally, waiting for the HI to show up.

I have a question about WILD , more of a problem, here it is:
When i start trying to stay focused and keep repeating 1, “i’m dreaming, 2 i’m dreaming” etc. I find that my mind just naturally wanders off, I start imagining without even realizing and completely forget about staying focused.

So in other words, how can i keep focused on keeping focused :tongue:
Maybe another way instead of “1 i’m dreaming”?


Yesterday I had my first LD, and it lasted for ~2 minutes. I was semi-lucid, and the man who was there asked me to do something and come back today, so he could help me. I didn’t remember any dream today, so I tried WILDing at ~5 PM. Everything goes well, but I get to a point that I get a bit “mixed up” with what I’m thinking, and I jerk my leg. I tried it again, and I did the same.
Does this “jerking” happen just before the dream? I suppose so because the things I were thinking about just before I jerked were more vivid than when I started to relax.
Thanks for your time :smile:

i need some help! today i tried wild in an afternoon nap and after about 20 minutes my whole body went numb and i felt like i was falling and spinning on my axis and my hands were waving around and all this crazy stuff but i didnt know what to do. like i think i could feel my dream body trying to disconnect from my real one but i didnt know how to do it. i tried imagining climbing a rope out of my body or falling through the bed but those didnt work. any suggestions?

ok… I know its supposed to be hard to WILD without WBTB, but I just lied motionless for 3 hours and never saw any HI. My entire body was “buzzing” though. Is it normal to lie there that long without results. It is possible I fell asleep without realizing it,though, and I actually have some evidence that happened judging that I don’t remember hearing the second of two hour long binaural beat tracks when I was there longer than an hour. I think I will try to WBTB. I’ll let you all know how that god in the morning.

p.s. I’m writing this from my iPod touch, so sorry if I have some typos or any weir out of place words. AND I’m really tired :smile:

Anyone who has ever had a WILD I need to know how you did it. Please help me. I don’t understand it and would like some descriptions of it.

Tygon and SlyPT, when I WILD, I try to focus on my body relax it. After that, I imagine each individual part (first my feet, them my legs, then my torso, etc.) is falling into my bed. That’s when I come very close to SP and start seeing HI. I then imagine a dream scene, usually that I am flying over a meadow. I try to make it first person, but I flit in and out of first and third person. Eventually it starts to feel like it’s real. I don’t get much further than that as I lose consciousness, but I’m getting closer and closer each day! The point is to fall into a dream that I am flying over the said meadow. Don’t give up and try to come up with a technique that works for you. If you look here you will find many different ways to WILD.

Can i use an alarm or do i just have to use autosuggestion?

using an alarm is fine